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Convicted Driver Insurance

Insurance for Convicted Drivers

Car insurance for convicted drivers can be hard to come by, as many insurers flat out refuse to offer policies to people who have been convicted of a driving offence. Here at Insurance Revolution, we specialise in finding convicted driver insurance policies that are tailored to meet the needs of the people behind the wheel.

We believe in a no fuss, painless process, without the jargon and false promises that are associated with other convicted driver insurance brokers. We can get you back on the road as soon as possible


What type of convictions could our policies cover?

It doesn’t matter which type of driving convictions you have on your licence, we will find a convicted drivers policy to suit you. There are many different types of driving convictions out there, including:


DD80 insurance

If you’ve been convicted of causing death by dangerous driving, this is the kind of cover you’ll need.

TT99 insurance

This is the cover you’ll need if you’ve been convicted of ‘Totting up’ more than 12 points on your driving licence.

IN10 insurance

Caught driving without valid insurance? This is the cover for you. 

DR80 insurance

If you’ve been convicted of driving or attempting to drive whilst unfit through drugs, you’ll need these types of policies

DR90 insurance

This type of policy also covers you if you’ve been convicted of being in charge of a vehicle whilst unfit through drugs.

DG60 insurance

Covers you if you’ve been convicted of causing death by dangerous driving, with your drug level above a certain limit.

CD10 insurance

Caught driving without due care and attention? You’ll need this type of cover.


We also offer drink drivers insurance.


How much will car insurance cost with driving convictions?

Car insurance for convicted drivers usually results in higher premiums, due to insurance companies seeing these drivers as a higher risk than someone with a clean licence. This means that it often ends up being much more expensive. While we cannot promise your quote will be cheap, we can provide fair and competitive quotes for convicted driver insurance.


How long do I have to declare convictions to an insurer?

When applying for convicted drivers insurance, it’s vital that you disclose any driving convictions that remain on your licence. Failure to do this could result in your insurance being deemed invalid, and you could find yourself facing another conviction for driving without adequate insurance. Different convictions can have varied lengths of time you need to disclose these to insurers. If you are unsure whether you still need to disclose your convictions you can always ask us, and we will let you know if they still need to be included in your policy. 

How long the conviction stays on your licence depends on the nature and seriousness of the offence. As a guide only, here are the usual time scales for driving convictions:


Punishment for offence

Usual time before it is ‘spent’

Fine or community service

5 years

Prison sentence of up to 6 months

7 years

Prison sentence of 6 months - 2 years

10 years

Prison sentence of over 2½ years

This type of conviction is never spent, and you will always have to disclose it to insurers.

Please remember that the above information is only there for guidance. For the actual time scale of your conviction, please check with the authorities.


Why choose us for your convicted driver insurance?

As a specialist convicted driver broker, we understand that people sometimes make mistakes. That’s why we are happy to help people with convictions find competitive car insurance. We are by no means saying that your premiums will not increase if you have a driving conviction, but we are experts in finding insurance for convicted drivers that does not break the bank. 

You may struggle to find the correct insurance using an online comparison site, but here at Insurance Revolution we have business relationships with some of the UK’s top specialist insurers, and we can find you a policy that suits your needs. 


Can you get insurance to drive a van if you have driving convictions?

Yes, It is possible to get van insurance if you have convictions, and we would be able to help with this. The type of van insurance you need will depend on the use of your van. For example, It may be that you are a courier, delivering parcels, if this is the case you would need courier insurance

We can offer a wide range of van insurance policies and we can help you find the correct insurance for your van, even if you have convictions. It is usually more difficult to find van insurance with convictions but we have business relationships with insurers who are happy to provide a quote. There are varying reasons for needing to drive a van, whether it is for work, including courier services, or even if you just want your van for social, domestic and pleasure, we are happy to look into this for you. 


Which car is best for cheaper convicted driver insurance?

Whilst you should expect to see higher premiums for your car insurance once you have received convictions, this does not mean you cannot keep the price as low as you can. It is not just the driver that is risk assessed during the quote process, there are other factors in play, such as the vehicle. If you are trying to find convicted driver insurance and you also have a high powered sports car, you are going to see incredibly high premiums. All vehicles are put into insurance categories 1-50, with group 1 being the cheapest to insure and 50 being the most expensive. If you can get yourself a vehicle from a low insurance group, you will see cheaper premiums. We have written a blog about this here.


How to get your quote

To get your quote from us you can call us and speak to one of our knowledgeable advisors who will go through the quote process with you. They will take all the information they need from you and then then shop the market to find you the best quotes they can. Alternatively, you can click the ‘get a quote’ button on this page, fill out your details and one of our advisors will contact you shortly. 

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