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DR90 Insurance

If you have been convicted of being in control of a vehicle when unfit through drugs, you will have a DR90 on your licence.

What effect does a DR90 conviction have on my licence?

This type of conviction can result in 10 points on your licence. Disqualification can take place at 12 points. It stays on your licence for 4 years. A court can also issue a maximum fine of £2500 and a 3 months’ prison sentence.


What is DR90 insurance?

Any type of driving offence will lead to a sharp increase in your insurance premiums. A DR90 conviction is considered a serious offence, and most insurers will unwilling to take on a driver that they deem high-risk. However, there is a select group of specialist car insurance companies who are able to offer assistance to drivers with a DR90 conviction on their licence.


Will a DR90 conviction increase the cost of my car insurance?

Unfortunately there is no way around it, if you have a DR90 conviction, or any other driving conviction, you will see the prices of your car insurance increase. Finding affordable insurance when you have driving convictions can be tricky, as well as seeing higher prices you will also find that some insurers simply will refuse to insure you at all. If you have struggled to find insurance you have come to the right place, as we can find you a policy with an insurer who will want to cover you, and insure you correctly. Insurance premiums are priced based on risk, insurers will work out what likelihood is that you will be involved in a claim, and they generate a price based on this. Insurers will take many factors into consideration when they are working out the price, including your driving record. A driver who has a DR90 conviction will be classed as a higher risk than someone who has a clean licence. However, even though the prices you are seeing for insurance may not be as cheap as before you had the DR90 conviction, we can help by providing you a reasonable and competitive quote, accommodating your conviction. If it is easier for you, we can also give you the option of paying your insurance by direct debit as we understand it is not always possible to pay for your insurance in one go. There are certain things you can do to help keep the prices you are quoted as low as possible, you can choose to have a higher excess on your policy, which will bring the price down, or you can drive a vehicle which is cheaper to insure. Vehicles are put into insurance groups, the lower the group you vehicle is in, the cheaper it is to insure, we have written about this in more detail here. Your premiums will not always be affected by your DR90 as eventually your convictions will no longer be on your licence. In the meantime Insurance Revolution can put you on the right path, by not discriminating against you, and offering fair and competitive quotes so you can get back on the road. 


Why you should choose Insurance Revolution for your DR90 cover?

Everyone makes mistakes and here at Insurance Revolution we believe in giving drivers another chance. That’s why our expertise is in finding cheap car insurance for drivers with previous convictions, including DR90's. We will help you get the best deals to insure you on a motor whenever you’re ready.

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