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  • Any Driver over 21 cover
  • Any Driver over 25 cover
  • Any Driver over 30 cover
  • Bespoke policies for your team
  • Get the most from your NCB
  • Great for small fleets
  • Cover a variety of vehicles with one policy


Any Driver Fleet Insurance Can Be a Game Changer

Any Driver Fleet insurance can give your business unrivalled flexibility when it comes to allocating your drivers on the go. Even if you only have a small team with a couple of vehicles, this policy could still be a great fit, so be sure to request a quote and contact our team.

Any Driver Fleet Insurance: What You Need to Know

This policy is ideal if you have many different people who need access to your fleet of vehicles. As long as the drivers fit the criteria of the policy, then they can get in and drive. Some policies, for example, state that a driver can't have more than 3 points on their licence, so remember to read the terms and conditions to make sure your drivers are covered.

If you decide to take out a policy and you have team members who are too young, they can be added separately as named drivers, which can sometimes be cheaper than taking out another policy with a lower age criteria. If you're unsure about which policy option is right for your business, a member of the Insurance Revolution team will be able to help you find the most appropriate solution.

Why Choose Insurance Revolution for Any Driver Fleet Insurance?

You've come to the right place if you have multiple vehicles and want Fleet insurance with Any Driver cover. Insurance Revolution specialises in helping businesses find the right level of Fleet insurance to ensure they'll be protected on the road, without breaking the bank.

With a wide range of insurance products for individuals and businesses, Insurance Revolution is well equipped to help find the right policy for you. Whether you need a standard Fleet insurance policy for your collection of business cars or a more bespoke Any Driver Fleet policy that covers a variety of vehicles, our dedicated sales agents are here to help.

Insurance Revolution's Reviews 

We have had an amazing service from Josh Worthington since we started using Insurance Revolution around 4 years ago. We now have a business fleet policy and Josh is super helpful and always sorts out any issues that arise. His advice is always spot on, and he is very knowledgeable. I can't recommend Josh enough.

Midway T., 



Is It Cheaper to Get Any Driver Fleet Insurance?

The price of your Any Driver Fleet insurance policy will depend on the vehicles in your fleet and the drivers that will have access to your vehicles. Larger vehicles will typically be more expensive, while having older drivers included can reduce the cost. The quickest way to get an accurate price is to contact a member of the Insurance Revolution team.

What Is Any Driver Fleet Insurance?

Any Driver Fleet insurance is a policy that covers multiple vehicles and allows anybody who fits particular criteria, such as anyone over a certain age, to drive the vehicles. It is a popular choice for businesses with several employees needing access to multiple vehicles. If you want to explore our standard Fleet insurance policy that doesn't come with Any Driver cover, click here.

Do I Need Any Driver Fleet Insurance?

It's not for us to say. However, Any Driver Fleet insurance is suited to some businesses more than others. If you have multiple vehicles and have a team of drivers who will need access to these vehicles, an Any Driver Fleet insurance policy might be an option worth considering.

What Fleet Insurance Policies Do You Offer?

In case you are unsure, Any Driver Fleet insurance is a policy type covering multiple vehicles where any driver over a certain age can drive the vehicles. As well as our broader Fleet policy without any age restrictions, there are a few other types of Any Driver Fleet insurance options available, including:

  • Any Driver over 21
  • Any Driver over 25
  • Any Driver over 30

Does Fleet Insurance Cover Any Driver?

While it may sound like anybody can drive a vehicle with Any Driver cover, it isn't quite as relaxed as you may think. To be insured when driving the vehicle, the driver must have permission from the policyholder – this is usually the business owner or operations manager. If one of your team has a previous conviction, they may not be covered, but we should still be able to add them to the policy as a named driver.

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