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Fleet Insurance

What is fleet insurance?

A fleet insurance policy is a way of insuring multiple vehicles under 1 policy. This type of policy can range from covering 2 vehicles, to hundreds of vehicles.

What is the benefit of fleet insurance? 

The answer is simple. Purchasing a fleet policy can save you time, stress and money. 
If your business has 10 vehicles, you could shop around and purchase 10 separate policies. Then in 1 years-time you would have to go through the renewal process 10 times again. With a fleet insurance policy, it is much simpler, as all your vehicles will be under 1 policy. It is less time consuming, easier to manage and most importantly, it could save you money.
The policy can be in your business name or in the name of a director or partner of the company.

Why chose Insurance Revolution as your fleet insurance broker?

Insurance Revolution have a wide range of motor fleet insurance products, we can offer policies with some of the UK’s biggest insurers. We specialise in motor fleet insurance from 2 vehicles and more and have great professional relationships with the insurers, so we can always try and work around your needs and find you a policy that suits your needs.   

We can offer;

  • Fleets with zero years claims experience or bonus. 
  • Commercial fleet insurance
  • Business fleet insurance
  • Van fleet policies
  • Car fleet policies
  • Mini fleets from 2-5 vehicles. 
  • Larger fleets from 5 vehicles and more. 
  • Cover for trailers at no extra cost (Third party only)
  • Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire and Theft and Third Party Only policies
  • Breakdown cover
  • Legal cover included on all policies
  • Fleet insurance any driver
  • Any driver over 21
  • Any driver over 25
  • Any driver over 30

We also pride ourselves on our excellent customer service in all our departments. As a fleet insurance broker, our team will happily talk you through the quote process and find you a fleet insurance policy to suit your needs, and at any point after that you can call our customer service team who can answer any questions you may have. We also have a dedicated mid-term adjustment team who can help make changes to your policy if needed, such as adding, removing or changing a vehicle, change of address, change of driver etc. 

What is an ‘any driver’ policy?

An any driver policy means that any driver over the specified age can drive the vehicles listed on your fleet insurance policy. This makes it very beneficial if you have multiple employees who drive the vehicle, and means you don’t need to individually name all the drivers on the policy. As long as the drivers fit the criteria of the policy, you don't need to tell us. If you have an any driver over 25 policy for example, anyone over the age of 25 can drive this vehicle, you would not need to let us know you have a new driver, they can just get in the vehicle and drive.
All of our fleet policies come as an any driver policy as standard. This gives you lots of options of who can drive your vehicles and it is much more manageable. 

Tips for cheap fleet insurance

Insurance is all about risk, if you can lower the risk of your policy the cheaper it will be. Although we will always find the policy that suits your needs the most regardless. Things to consider;

  • The vehicle is big part of the risk, generally speaking the more powerful the vehicle, the bigger the risk. Vehicles with less powerful engines are usually thought to be safer and therefore can potentially achieve cheaper premiums. 
  • If any of your drivers have claims or conviction’s they will not fall into the criteria of the any driver aspect of the policy. They will need to be added as a named driver which can increase the premium. We can arrange this for you if it's what you need, but it is advisable to make sure most of your drivers are a clean risk, for potentially cheaper premiums. If you do have drivers with convictions, then luckily for you, we also specialise in convicted driver insurance, so we would be happy to work out a policy to meet your needs.  
  • An any driver over 30 policy is a lower risk than an any driver over 25 policy, and an any driver over 25 policy is lower risk than an any driver over 21 policy. It is useful to know this, for example if all of your drivers are over 30, except one who is 28. You can still purchase an any driver over 30 policy and add the 28-year-old as a named driver. Our sales team will always work out the fleet insurance policy most suited to your requirements.
  • The final tip is to give Insurance Revolution a call, our team of dedicated and experienced sales staff are here to find you a motor fleet insurance policy that works for you.

Every customer is different, and so are their insurance needs. That is why our team is on hand to help find you the fleet insurance that suits you best. Even if a bespoke policy is required. 
Call us to find out how we can help you find fleet insurance for your business, or click the "Get A Quote" button now to fill out an online form and have one of our account managers call you back when it suits you best.

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