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Custom Vehicle Collection and Delivery Insurance

If you spend a lot of time on the road, we are sure you know how important insurance is. Whether you personally drive vehicles from A to B, or operate a vehicle transporter, having the right level of cover will help give you peace of mind, so you can drive confidently.

Vehicle Collection and Delivery Agent Insurance: What You Need to Know

Vehicle Collection and Delivery Agent insurance is vital for businesses in the auto transport sector. It provides insurance that considers the unique risks encountered during vehicle collection, transportation, and delivery. Understanding the true nature of your business will help ensure that it has the cover required, even if your day to day duties change – our flexible, adjustable policies can help make this simple.

Vehicle Delivery insurance can cover a variety of activities, including vehicle transport and specialist car transportation, providing comprehensive protection no matter your line of work.

Why Choose Insurance Revolution for Vehicle Collection and Delivery Agent Insurance

Insurance Revolution provides bespoke Vehicle Collection and Delivery Agent insurance solutions, understanding the unique needs of your industry. We offer a range of policies, including Vehicle Transport insurance and Goods in Transit insurance for car transporters, ensuring comprehensive protection against various risks.

By choosing Insurance Revolution, business owners can benefit from scalable insurance solutions that can grow as their business expands, thanks to our customer service team. Our goal is to ensure you have the right level of cover, providing peace of mind so you can focus on your business.

To request a quote, please complete our online form. Once this is done, we’ll give you a call to check your details and ask a few more questions. Then, we’ll shop the market to find the right policy for your needs.

Insurance Revolution's Reviews

I am in my first year of owning a recovery company and was struggling to secure a good deal on a motor trade policy, everyone I spoke to was quoting me £10k plus for a year's premium. I managed to speak to Luke Blanchard at Insurance Revolution and he was so helpful and managed to secure me a policy for less than half the above-quoted figure. Since if I ever need amendments to the policy or documents updated etc he is very quick in getting them sent over! A real asset to the team! Thank you, Luke!

Kyle M.,



How Does Vehicle Transportation Insurance Protect My Business?

Vehicle Transportation insurance covers risk and damages that can occur while transporting one or more vehicles, ensuring your business remains financially secure against unforeseen incidents, which is a real possibility when you’re out on the road.

What Is Typically Included in Car Transporter Insurance?

Car Transporter insurance policies can include legal, accidental, and third-party cover, safeguarding your business vehicle against damages, theft, or accidents during vehicle transportation. To also cover your customer’s vehicles, you can also take out Carriage of Vehicles cover to protect their vehicles while in transit.

What Makes Car Collection and Delivery Insurance Unique?

While you may have a standard Vehicle insurance policy, as a vehicle collection and delivery agent, you will need specialist cover. This is especially true if you drive multiple vehicles that you don't own. The road ahead can be full of potential risks, and protecting your vehicle and your livelihood is essential.

Is Car Collection and Delivery Insurance Different from Standard Vehicle Insurance?

Car Collection and Delivery insurance is tailored to cover the key risks during the collection and delivery process. We understand that you face unique challenges as a collection and delivery agent. To discuss how Insurance Revolution can help, compete our online form.

Why Is Goods in Transit Insurance for Car Transporters Important?

Goods in Transit insurance for car transporters that have vehicles in transit, providing protection should an accident happen. If you drive a car transporter, your cargo is the vehicles in your possession, and ensuring that it's protected should be high on your list of priorities.

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