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Public and Employers Liability Insurance for Couriers

Helping Couriers Understand Public and Employer’s Liability Insurance

Liability might sound scary, but understanding your liability obligations is essential if you’re out on the road or have people working for you. Insurance Revolution is here to make this simple and easy to understand, so you have one less worry on your mind.

Public and Employer’s Liability Insurance for Couriers: What You Need to Know

When you're in the courier business, dealing with the unexpected is part of the job. That's why having Courier Public Liability insurance can be a game changer, giving you peace of mind. As a courier, you interact with the public daily, delivering packages and navigating various environments. While you do your best to ensure safe deliveries, accidents can still happen.

While it's not a legal requirement, having Public and Employer's Liability insurance for couriers is strongly recommended. These insurance policies can protect you from the financial burden of legal claims, medical expenses, and compensation if an accident involving the public occurs during your courier operations.

Why Choose Insurance Revolution for Public and Employer’s Liability Insurance for Couriers

At Insurance Revolution, we understand the unique challenges and risks faced by couriers in their day to day operations. That's why we offer competitive Public and Employer's Liability insurance for couriers, designed to safeguard you and your business. Our team of insurance experts specialise in the commercial and courier industry. We understand the ins and outs of your industry, ensuring that you get the coverage you need.

We pride ourselves on being your one stop shop for all your insurance requirements. From Public Liability to Employer's Liability insurance, we've got you covered, so you can focus on what you do best – delivering packages and running your courier business. Our insurance plans offer comprehensive coverage for Public Liability, protecting you from unforeseen events and accidents that may occur during the day.

Insurance Revolution's Reviews 

What a great helpful and informative company. I am currently setting up my own courier firm and couldn’t have been happier with the help and advice given today from Ibrahim . Thank you so much.

Chris E., 

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What Is Courier Public Liability Insurance?

Courier Public Liability insurance provides cover against any damage that you may cause to the property of a member of the public or injury to a member of the public directly. For couriers who are on the road for much of the day, this will ensure that they can work safely and confidently.

Is Public and Employer’s Liability Insurance for Couriers Legally Required?

While Public Liability insurance may not be legally required, this is not the case for Employer’s Liability insurance. As an employer, you are required to have this cover in place. These two types of Liability insurance are often sold together as Public and Employer’s Liability insurance but can also be purchased separately.

How Does Public and Employer’s Liability Insurance Work?

If one of your drivers causes injury or damage to a member of the public, you may be liable for any compensation or costs incurred by the victim. Without Public Liability insurance, you will likely have to pay for this yourself, which can be very damaging to many businesses. The same goes for employees injured while on duty, if you do not have Employer’s Liability insurance.

What Insurance Options Are Available to Couriers?

For self employed couriers and courier service providers, adequate insurance is essential. From Goods in Transit cover to Public and Employer’s Liability insurance, many additional product options are available. If you’d like to discuss our different Courier insurance products before requesting a quote online, contact an Insurance Revolution team member by giving us a call.

How Can I Compare Public and Employer’s Liability Insurance for Couriers?

You won’t find Insurance Revolution on price comparison sites because we use traditional broking methods to work directly with insurance providers to find the most appropriate policy for your needs. We don’t rely on computers to provide an instant price, but once we have a quote ready, we’ll give you a call.

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