DR30 Insurance

If you’ve been suspected of driving whilst unfit through drink, and you refuse to provide blood or urine samples for analysis without good reason, you will receive a DR30 conviction on your licence. We're here to simplify the process, causing you much less stress.
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To request a quote, call us or complete our online form. We will need all of the key information relating to you, your vehicle, and what unique insurance requirements you have.


After you've submitted our online form, we will call to check your key details and to discuss the level of cover you require. This will allow us to build the right policy to suit your unique needs.


Once we have confirmed your details and your policy needs, we can compare the available options. We will then discuss the key details to make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions.

Insurance Revolution's Reviews

Trust Pilot

Brilliant service. I have 5 motor convictions and within 10 minutes Daniel Henson at Insurance Revolution sorted me out with cheap car insurance. Much appreciated. I do recommend.


Only insurance company that would insure me with convictions. Bent over backwards to ensure I could afford a lower deposit initially. Holly was great! Clear, concise information delivered with enough time to ask questions, etc. I would highly recommend!


I spoke to a guy named Rob, who was very helpful and polite – he got me the best quote by far. I am a convicted driver and would highly recommend Insurance Revolution.


We'll Help You Overcome Your DR30 Conviction

Save time by letting us handle the insurance process
Insurance Revolution works with a variety of specialist insurance providers
We’re here to help you overcome any potential obstacles
We’ll explain to insurers that you're more than just a convicted driver
You can ask for help, advice, and support whenever you need it
Flexible payment options for DR30 Conviction insurance
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DR30 convictions are handed to people found guilty of driving or attempting to drive while under the influence of alcohol. It will make it harder for you to find affordable insurance cover, but it is possible for you to get back on the road, once you are allowed to do so again, because specialist insurance providers exist.

You may experience higher premiums; some insurance companies might even refuse cover. DR30 insurance will allow you to continue driving, but you may find it harder to find policies that provide the same level of cover as before. We’ll help explain what this means and what your options are.

DR30 Conviction insurance is a specialist insurance product designed to cover those with a DR30 conviction on their driving record. This can help you get back on the road legally and safely, despite your previous conviction. It’s influenced by you being at a higher risk of committing the same offence again, as well as your perceived disregard for driving laws.

Once you decide to get back on the road, you’ll need to find a DR30 Car insurance policy. You can request a quote from Insurance Revolution by contacting us over the phone or completing our online form. We’ll try to provide you with as many DR30 insurance quotes as possible, so you have plenty of options.

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