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DR30 Insurance

If you’ve been suspected of driving whilst unfit through drink or drugs, and you refuse to provide specimens for analysis without good reason, you will receive a DR30 conviction on your licence.

If you’re convicted of a DR30 offence, you’ll receive 3 to 11 points on your driving licence.

Remember: if you receive 12 or more points on your licence within a three year period, you will be banned from driving for at least six months.

How long will the DR30 conviction stay on my license for?

A DR30 drink driving conviction will stay on your licence for 11 years from the date of the conviction.


What is DR30 insurance?

If you have a DR30 conviction, you’ll find that your insurance premiums are much higher than if you had a clean licence. This is because insurers will now see you as a high risk category. Some of the larger insurance companies do not even cover drivers with these types of convictions. However, if you choose to take out specialised DR30 drink driving insurance, you could cut the costs of your insurance policy. Don’t be tempted to withhold any information about your drink driving offences when applying for an insurance policy. Intentionally giving false information on your insurance forms will not only result in your policy being deemed invalid, but you could end up with another conviction.


Will a DR30 conviction increase the cost of my car insurance?

Unfortunately it will. Finding insurance with convictions can be difficult as some insurers won’t want to cover you, and some will quote extremely high. However, we work with insurers who will cover you and will offer fair and competitive quotes. Your premiums will not be higher forever, driving convictions do eventually disappear from your record and you can end up with a clean licence again. Insurance premiums are priced based on risk, insurers want to determine how likely it is that a claim will occur, and this is where they come up with the quote. Insurers will take many factors into account, including your driving record. A driver with a clean licence will be rated safer than a driver with a DR30 conviction. However, even though the prices you are being quoted may not be as cheap as before the DR30 conviction, we can help by providing rates for people with driving convictions that are fair and competitive. We can also offer monthly payments as we understand it can be difficult to pay for your insurance all in one go. There are ways you can help keep the prices you are quoted as low as possible, you can for example, choose to have a higher excess on your policy, or you can choose to drive a vehicle which is cheaper to insure than others, you can find more information on cheaper vehicles to insure here. For now though, you can find affordable insurance with us and get you back to driving, whilst being insured correctly.


Why choose Insurance Revolution for DR30 insurance?

Join the revolution! We specialise in drink driving conviction insurance, and our friendly team will be happy to discuss your requirements with you. Everyone makes mistakes, and we don’t believe that you should pay extortionate insurance premiums if you have a DR30 conviction. That’s why we strive to provide competitive DR30 insurance quotes to our customers, so you can get back on the road as quickly as possible.

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