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DR60 Insurance

What is a DR60 conviction? You’ll receive a DR60 conviction on your license for ‘failure to provide a specimen for analysis in circumstances other than driving or attempting to drive’.

If the police ask you for blood, breath or urine to use as a specimen, you have to give it to them. Fail to do so and you will be breaking the law.

If you’re caught in your car, or in the vicinity of your car alone with your keys, and you refuse to provide a specimen for analysis when asked by the police, you could still receive a DR60 conviction.

How many penalty points does a DR60 conviction carry?

You’ll receive 10 penalty points on your license for a DR60 conviction, which will remain for 11 years from the date of the conviction.

Remember, if you get 12 or more points on your license you’ll be banned from driving for at least six months.

What is DR60 insurance?

As with any drink driving conviction, having a DR60 on your license means that you’ll struggle to get cheap car insurance.

This is because insurers place drink drivers in the high risk category. Some of the larger insurance companies may even turn you away completely.

However, having a conviction doesn’t mean that all is lost. If you choose to take out specialist DR60 car insurance as a convicted driver, you might be able to find a cheaper quote. 

Why choose Insurance Revolution for DR60 insurance?

Here at Insurance Revolution, we specialise in providing drink driving insurance quotes. We don’t believe you should be paying way above the odds for your policy, just because you’ve made a mistake in the past.  We try to find cheap insurance for drink drivers, whatever the level of your conviction.

We’ve no doubt you’re eager to get back on the road as soon as possible. With Insurance Revolution, you could be back behind the wheel in no time!

Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation DR60 insurance quote.

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