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DR50 Insurance

If you’ve been convicted of being in charge of a motorised vehicle while unfit through drink or drugs, you’ll have a DR50 conviction on your driving license.

What’s the difference between a DR40 and DR50 conviction? A DR50 occurs when the driver is in charge of a vehicle while s/he is above the legal limit.

However, a if you are under the legal limit but the police still deem you as unfit to drive through drink or drugs, you’ll receive a DR50 conviction.

‘In charge of a vehicle’ means that you don’t necessarily have to be driving at the time. If you’re inside your car with your keys, and you are unfit to drive, you could still receive a DR50 conviction.

How many penalty points does a DR50 conviction carry?

For a DR50 conviction, you’ll receive 10 penalty points on your driving license.

Remember: if you receive 12 or more points on your driving license, you’ll be banned from driving for at least six months.

A DR50 conviction will stay on your license for four years from the date of the conviction.

What is DR50 insurance?

If you’ve been convicted of a DR50 drink driving offence, your insurance premiums will increase significantly. This is because insurers see drink drivers as high risk categories.

In fact, some insurance companies won’t even provide cover for drivers with a drink driving conviction.

However, if you choose to take out DR50 insurance that’s specifically for people with these types of convictions, you could cut your costs.

Remember: failure to disclose information about your convictions to an insurance company could result in your policy being deemed invalid, which could secure you another conviction.

Why choose Insurance Revolution for DR50 insurance?

Here at Insurance Revolution, we specialise in providing car insurance for people with convictions. Our convicted driver insurance quotes are always competitive, as we don’t believe you should pay over the odds for your policy just because you’ve made a mistake.

Why not get in touch today for a free, no-obligation quote? You could be back on the road in no time!

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