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We’re Proud to Offer Bespoke Penalty Points Insurance Policies

We are a specialist broker helping people find Car insurance despite having penalty points, and we are on a mission to simplify the process. If you're struggling to find insurance for drivers with points, Insurance Revolution is here to help with access to a wide range of insurance providers.

Insurance for Drivers with Penalty Points: What You Need to Know

Having penalty often translates to higher insurance premiums. This is due to the perception of increased risk when insuring drivers with multiple points on their licence. It's important to remember that each insurer will have different rates based on the number and severity of the penalty points.

How insurers decide on a premium depends on many factors, including your driving history, but it also includes the type of vehicle you drive, your address, where you park your car and many others. There are a few things that you can do to try and lower your Car insurance cost. Installing a telematics device is often used to reduce premiums, as is increasing the excess on the policy.

Drivers should be aware of any limitations that may be placed on their policy, and how their penalty points could impact them. For instance, some insurers might offer lower coverage limitations or higher deductibles for drivers with penalty points. If this is the case for any of our insurance policies, we'll explain this beforehand, so you fully understand the policy you're presented with.

Why Choose Insurance Revolution for Penalty Points Insurance?

Please get in touch so we can find the right Penalty Points insurance policy to help you drive with complete peace of mind. We understand that having penalty points can be a cause for concern, but having the right insurance policy in place means you'll have one less thing to worry about. Our expert insurance advisors will be on hand to tell you everything you need to know about insurance for drivers with points on their licence.

We work with many specialist insurance providers, so once you provide us with your personal and vehicle details, we will search our panel for insurers to find a competitive policy. To get started, give us a call or complete our online form. We've been helping drivers find convicted and Penalty Points insurance policies for almost a decade, and we know the industry inside and out, so you can be sure you're in safe hands.

Insurance Revolution's Reviews

Recently receiving points on my license I had really high prices from other insurance companies of over 15k , great help ,great prices and very polite ,very helpful.




What Is Car Insurance for Drivers with Penalty Points?

Car insurance for drivers with penalty points is a type of coverage designed for individuals who have accumulated points on their driving record. These points can result from various offences, such as speeding, reckless driving, or driving under the influence. Insurers often perceive drivers with penalty points as high risk, which may affect their policy prices.

How Can I Find the Cheapest Car Insurance with Penalty Points?

Finding the cheapest Car insurance with penalty points can be a bit challenging, and while 'cheap' insurance for those with convictions doesn't really exist, there are things you can do to try and reduce the cost. It may be worth taking a defensive driving course to improve your driving skills, which might show insurers that you have taken steps to become a better driver.

How Do Penalty Points Affect My Insurance?

Penalty points on your driving record indicate to insurers that you may pose a higher risk on the road. Your policy price may increase, but this will depend on the number of points accumulated and the nature of the traffic violations. To stay safe, maintain a clean driving record to enjoy lower insurance premiums.

What Options Do I Have for Insurance with Penalty Points?

There are several insurance options available for drivers with penalty points. It may be worth looking for specialist insurance providers offering coverage specifically tailored to high risk drivers. If this is something you're interested in exploring, get in touch so we can discuss your potential options.

How Do I Get Insurance Quotes with Penalty Points?

Our team is dedicated to helping you find a suitable insurance policy, regardless of your driving history. If you want to request insurance quotes that consider your penalty points record, complete our online form or give us a call.

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