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Private Hire and Taxi Insurance Made Simple

Taxi insurance is essential if you’re receiving payment to take people from A to B, but do you know which level of cover you need? Were here to help you find the right policy for your private hire or taxi vehicle, so you can focus on getting people to where they need to go.

Taxi Insurance: What You Need to Know

Taxi insurance is essential for anyone who drives a taxi for a living, requiring a higher level of cover than a standard car, so understanding exactly what Taxi insurance you need can be confusing. At Insurance Revolution, we understand that time spent sorting out your insurance is time you could be on the road, which is why we'll do the hard work for you.

We've found that many drivers have no Private Hire or Taxi insurance history and don’t know what they need, making it difficult for them to get the right level of cover. Some taxi drivers also have other jobs that require their own special insurance, such as fast food delivery or private hire. No matter what cover you might need, the Insurance Revolution team will be here to help you stay covered.

Why Choose Insurance Revolution for Taxi Insurance?

Getting the cover you need doesn't need to be complicated, which is why Insurance Revolution is on a mission to make Taxi and Private Hire insurance simple and easy to understand. If you drive a taxi, cab, minibus, or private hire vehicle, you understand why staying safe on the road is important. If the worst does happen, you need to ensure that you're protected by an insurance policy that meets your needs.

Insurance Revolution specialises in non standard cover, so if you choose us for your Taxi insurance, you’ll be in very safe hands. Our team have a lot of experience in this sector and have built strong working relationships with leading insurers, which means we can often offer our customers great policies at a very competitive rate.

Insurance Revolution's Reviews 

Scott was really helpful to sort out my taxi insurance.

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Where Can I Find Cheap Private Hire Insurance?

We’ve found that many new taxi drivers struggle to find the private hire insurance they need. While we can’t promise that our Taxi insurance quote will be the cheapest, we’ll work with you to shop the market and get the best deal we can. If you’re looking to compare Taxi insurance prices, you won’t find us on comparison sites, so the only way to get a quote is to complete the online form or give us a call.

Do You Offer Uber Taxi Insurance?

Insurance Revolution offers a range of Taxi insurance policies, and Uber coverage is one of them. While Uber Taxi insurance may be more expensive than typical Taxi policies due to the vehicle being high end, it’s a great way to make an impression when collecting customers.

Will My Taxi Insurance Policy Include Private Hire Breakdown Cover?

Your Taxi insurance policy can be as comprehensive as you want, although the company you work for may require you to have certain things covered by your insurance. Once you know what does and doesn’t need to be covered by your policy, make sure to get in touch with a member of the Insurance Revolution team.

Why Can't I Find Your Taxi Insurance on Price Comparison Sites?

If you're looking for Taxi insurance quotes on price comparison sites, you might have noted that Insurance Revolution doesn't appear. This is because we believe in a human led broking service that requires us to speak to insurers directly in order to get the best possible price.

What Type of Taxi Insurance Do I Need?

As a Taxi and Private Hire insurance broker, we know that finding the right cover is never a walk in the park, but that's how we're different. There are many different types of Taxi insurance to choose from, with various additional products that let you build the most appropriate policy for you. Our sales team will explain this clearly, without using any confusing language.


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