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  • Tailored insurance for self employed and mobile mechanics
  • Comprehensive insurance policies for mobile mechanic businesses
  • Dedicated insurance specialists for auto repair professionals on the road
  • Simple mid-term adjustment options to make life easy
  • Protect your mobile mechanic business assets on the road and at home


On The Go Mobile Mechanic Insurance

If you’re always on the road, driving from customer to customer, it can be easy to forget about your vehicle and business insurance needs. Lucky, Insurance Revolution is here to make Mobile Mechanic insurance feel like a walk in the park, offering help, support, and advice.

Mobile Mechanic Insurance: What You Need to Know

Mobile Mechanic insurance is crucial as it's a safeguard against potential liabilities, often because mobile mechanics spend a lot of time on the road. Liability for damages and injuries could lead to severe financial losses ??if you don’t have the correct type of insurance. Mobile Mechanic insurance is not just an expense but a vital investment, providing a safety net should the worst happen.

Mobile Auto Repair insurance extends to various aspects of your working day, including potential liabilities related to accidents that can happen while repairing and servicing vehicles. Mobile Mechanic insurance, especially Mobile Mechanic Liability insurance, better protects your business assets.

Why Choose Insurance Revolution for Mobile Mechanic Insurance

Insurance Revolution offers tailored Mobile Mechanic insurance solutions that consider the unique needs of mobile mechanics. We provide various policy options, including Mobile Mechanic Liability insurance and your vehicle’s Contents insurance, so you can service your customers without needing to worry about your cover.

Our expertise in Mobile Auto Repair insurance means we can provide quotes that consider your unique insurance needs, helping us provide competitively priced quotes. When you work with Insurance Revolution, you gain access to a team of dedicated Mobile Auto Repair insurance experts who are ready and willing to assist.

Insurance Revolution's Reviews

I am in my first year of owning a recovery company and was struggling to secure a good deal on a motor trade policy, everyone I spoke to was quoting me £10k plus for a year's premium. I managed to speak to Luke Blanchard at Insurance Revolution and he was so helpful and managed to secure me a policy for less than half the above-quoted figure. Since if I ever need amendments to the policy or documents updated etc he is very quick in getting them sent over! A real asset to the team! Thank you, Luke!

Kyle M., 



What Does Mobile Mechanic Insurance Include, and Why Is It Important?

Mobile Mechanic insurance is a non standard (specialised) policy designed for mechanics who offer mobile repair services. It addresses the unique risks associated with operating a mobile mechanic business – it can protect against liabilities from accidents, property damage, and other unforeseen events. It'll help protect your assets and ensure you can continue working even if the worst happens.

How Does Self Employed Mechanic Insurance Differ from Traditional Mechanic Insurance?

Self employed Mobile Mechanic insurance is tailored to the individual mechanic who operates on a self employed basis, providing coverage for things like liability, tools, and equipment. Unlike traditional insurance, which may cover a fixed location and its employees, self employed Mobile Mechanic insurance is designed with flexibility and your unique requirements in mind.

To discuss your Mobile Mechanic insurance options, you can call us or receive a call back by completing our online quote form.

What Cover is Typically Included in Mobile Mechanic Business Insurance?

Mobile Mechanic insurance policies can provide a range of cover, such as Tools Cover, Commercial insurance, and Business Interruption insurance. This cover is essential for protecting your mobile mechanic business against common risks like accidents, property damage, and loss of income due to unforeseen events.

How Much Does Mobile Mechanic Insurance Cost?

Mobile Mechanic insurance cost is calculated based on various factors, including the scope of your services, the area you operate in, the value of your tools and equipment, and your chosen excess. By completing our online form and waiting for a call, we can provide a quote that accurately reflects the unique circumstances relating to your business.

Why Is Mobile Mechanic Liability Insurance Essential for My Mobile Auto Repair Service?

Mobile Mechanic Liability insurance is essential as it protects against liabilities that could arise from accidents at work. Whether it's a personal injury or property damage claim, Mobile Mechanic Liability insurance ensures you are financially protected and can enjoy peace of mind.

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