• Our minimum premium is £475
  • If you’ve been impounded you probably want the best price quickly
  • Our staff answer the phone within 60 seconds in 98% of cases (during office hours)
  • We will always require a transfer of funds for this type of policy (no card payments)

Impounded Vehicle Insurance

If you car has been seized by the police and impounded, you’re going to need an appropriate insurance policy before you’ll be able to get the vehicle released. A standard car insurance policy won’t cover you and you’ve probably got enough on your plate without dealing with seemingly obstructive insurance providers who either can’t help or want to charge you the Earth.

At Insurance Revolution, we are specialists in helping drivers in tricky situations to get the policy they need as quickly and easily as possible. We’ve helped a whole host of drivers whose vehicles have been seized to get the policy they need to get their cars back out of the impound and back on the road.

Why Insurance Revolution for impounded vehicle insurance?

We’re the specialists in policies for drivers who might be turned away from other providers. We’ve got a dedicated team of advisers who’ve dealt with lots of different specialist circumstances and we pride ourselves on making a tricky situation just that little bit easier.

If your vehicle has been seized and you need help getting the required cover to get it our of the impound, get in touch with us today.

Long and short term seized vehicle insurance

We offer policies starting from as little as 30 days in length, which means we can get you covered while you retrieve your seized vehicle from the impound without committing you to a length policy. By the same token, we can offer longer term policies as well. It all comes down to what you need.

Why would a vehicle be seized?

The police are allowed to seize and impound your vehicle if they believe the vehicle is being used in a manner that ’causes alarm, harassment or distress.’ In addition, police may seize your vehicle if the driver has the incorrect license or insurance (or doesn’t have insurance or a valid license). In other words, if a drive is guilty of any form of dangerous or potentially careless driving or doesn’t have all the paperwork, the police have the right to seize and impound the vehicle.

What happens to seized vehicles?

A seized car will be impounded and the owner then typically has 14 days to reclaim the vehicle. In order to do so, the owner will have to present proof that they have a valid insurance policy that covered impounded vehicles. If you haven’t contacted the police within 14 days then they’re entitled to assume you will not be collecting the vehicle and dispose of the vehicle. In some circumstances (and providing you make contact beforehand) you may be able to arrange for the vehicle to be kept impounded for collection later than the 14 days at the discretion of the impound and in exceptional circumstances.