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Commercial Fleet Insurance

What is commercial fleet insurance?

Commercial fleet insurance is basically a way of insuring all of your company's vehicles under one policy, including using the vehicles for commercial purposes. This can be much more convenient than insurance all your vehicles seperately, it is possible it can also save you money too.

What is the benefits of commercial fleet insurance? 

  • Easier to manage - It is much easier to keep track of all your vehicles insurances, as you will only have one set of documents and one renewal date to think about. You can also make changes to your policy throughout the year, adding or removing vehicles. 
  • Save money - While there is no guarantee, it is possible that putting all your vehicles together on one policy will be more cost effective than insuring them all seperately. 
  • Car fleets and van fleets - You can take out commercial fleet insurance whether you have multiple cars or vans, or even a combination of both. 
  • Any driver polices - If you have many drivers and they change often, you can take out an any driver policy meaning anyone can drive your vehicles if they are over the age listed on the policy. You can get any driver over 21, 25 or 30 policies. 

Why chose Insurance Revolution as your any commercial fleet insurance broker?

Insurance Revolution have a wide range of commercial fleet insurance policies, and we have relationships with some of the UKs biggest fleet insurers. We can provide small fleet insurance policies from 2 vehicles, and large fleet insurance policies with 3 or more vehicles. We will always try and work around your needs and find you a commercial fleet insurance policy that suits the needs of your business. 

We can also offer;

  • Fleets with zero years claims experience or bonus. 
  • Business fleet insurance
  • Van fleet policies
  • Car fleet policies
  • Mini fleets from 2-5 vehicles. 
  • Larger fleets from 5 vehicles and more. 
  • Cover for trailers at no extra cost (Third party only)
  • Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire and Theft and Third Party Only policies
  • Breakdown cover
  • Legal cover included on all policies
  • Fleet insurance with named drivers
  • Any driver over 21
  • Any driver over 25
  • Any driver over 30

We also pride ourselves on our excellent customer service in all our departments. As a commercial fleet insurance broker, our team will happily talk you through the quote process and find you a fleet insurance policy that suits you and your business. At any point during the run of your policy you can call our customer service team who can answer any questions you may have as we have experience and knowledge in the commercial fleet insurance market.  We also have a dedicated mid-term adjustment team who can help make changes to your policy if needed, such as adding, removing or changing a vehicle, change of address etc. 

For more information see our fleet insurance page.

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