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Courier Fleet Insurance for Two or More Vehicles

We know that growth is the priority for all businesses, so our Courier Fleet insurance can expand in line with you, making it simple for you to add vehicles when it matters most. If you need to make changes, we’ll be on hand to give advice and support, taking away the stress of managing your policy.

Courier Fleet Insurance: What You Need to Know

A Courier Fleet insurance policy insures more than one vehicle on a single policy, which is great for businesses in the courier industry. Instead of having multiple Courier insurance policies that renew at different times of the year, sometimes with different insurance providers, you can cover more than one courier vehicle in one place. This makes it far easier to manage your insurance with a single provider, saving you time and sometimes even money, thanks to multi vehicle discounts.

As well as being able to make changes to your policy on the go, you can upgrade to an Any Driver policy to make it easier for you to have multiple drivers accessing a single vehicle. If you're a courier business that wants greater flexibility and agility, a Courier Fleet insurance policy with Any Driver cover could be a game changer.

Why Choose Insurance Revolution for Courier Fleet Insurance

If you're looking for an insurance broker with your best interests at heart, look no further than Insurance Revolution. We have a dedicated Courier insurance team to help you find the right Courier Fleet insurance policy for your business, so you know that you're in safe hands before, during, and after you take out your policy with Insurance Revolution.

Our Courier Fleet insurance policies are a great choice for many businesses, even if you only have two vehicles, and thanks to our ability to make mid-term adjustments, you can expand your policy as your fleet grows. If you need different levels of cover for different vehicles, this is something our team will be able to discuss with you once you've completed our online form we may even be able to deal with the most complex requests.

Insurance Revolution's Reviews

What a great helpful and informative company. I am currently setting up my own courier firm and couldn’t have been happier with the help and advice given today from Ibrahim . Thank you so much.

Chris E., 

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What Is Courier Fleet Insurance?

Courier Fleet insurance is similar to our traditional Courier insurance policies, protecting drivers while making deliveries and transporting items from A to B. Courier Fleet insurance is different because it can cover multiple vehicles at once, making it easier for businesses to manage their insurance without having to renew multiple policies at different times throughout the year.

Do I Need Courier Fleet Insurance?

Courier Fleet insurance isn't an absolute necessity, but we believe that it's something that all businesses with multiple vehicles should have. If you have more than one vehicle used for courier related activities, a Fleet insurance policy is often the sensible solution because it can make management much easier, while you can also benefit from potential multi vehicle discounts.

What Makes Courier Fleet Van Insurance Unique?

Our Courier Fleet Van insurance is unique because we can make the policy work for you, bespoke to your business needs. If you want to add Goods in Transit or Breakdown cover to your Courier Fleet insurance policy, this can be done by one of our dedicated insurance brokers, so you can have complete peace of mind.

How Can I Compare Courier Fleet Van Insurance Prices?

If you're comparing Courier Fleet Van insurance prices, you can request a quote from one of our expert insurance brokers. All you need to do is complete our online form – our team will then give you a call before they begin searching the market on your behalf, contacting insurers directly to build a policy bespoke to you.

Is There a Delivery Limit on Courier Van Insurance?

We're delighted to say that we don't place any limitations on the number of deliveries that our Courier Fleet Van insurance policy will cover. This means you'll be covered regardless of whether you make 2, 20, or 200 deliveries a day. We're here to help you drive and deliver with confidence, and we want to make things as simple as possible, without causing you any additional stress.

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