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Courier Fleet Insurance

As a business owner with a fleet of courier vehicles, driven by numerous drivers, keeping track of all the accompanying insurance paperwork can sometimes be a job in itself. Moreover, finding a policy which suits your individual needs, at an affordable price, can prove very difficult. For small business owners, all this takes time that could be better spent running your business – so let Insurance Revolution do all the hard work on your behalf.

Why Insurance Revolution for courier fleet insurance?

Firstly, due to our high level of experience in this market sector and the strong relationships we have built with many leading insurers, we are able to offer many unique schemes to our customers, making our prices extremely competitive. In addition, we understand that every business is different, so we take the time to find out each of our customers individual needs and then work to find the most appropriate policy for them. Furthermore, we offer the option of spreading your payments across the year, so an Insurance Revolution courier fleet policy never has to break the bank.

We can provide:

  • Fleet Van Insurance with hire and reward use
  • Car Insurance with hire and reward use
  • Truck/HGV insurance for haulage use
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Employers Liability Insurance
  • Breakdown cover for couriers
  • Excess Insurance
  • Guaranteed hire vehicle for Couriers
  • HGV Fleet Insurance
  • Truck Fleet Insurance

How many vehicles?

Normally a fleet of vehicles is considered 3 or above. Rather than buying single courier policies, fleet van insurance cover can help you reduce administration time and save money per vehicle. It’s easy to add additional vehicles to your fleet van insurance and in many instances, you can take an ‘any driver’ policy meaning you can opt to allow any driver over the age of 22, 25 or even 30 on your entire fleet of vehicles as long as you check that their driving records are clean.

Insurance for Fleets of Courier VehiclesSame Day Domestic Delivery

Most UK couriers offer domestic delivery, from 1 hour to a week. Given the short deadlines your staff work to, accidents are likely to happen. Insurance providers understand this and understand that you don’t always have a clean record when it comes to claims to acquire courier fleet insurance.

International Delivery

Those involved with international deliveries should tell the insurers when looking for quotes as these drivers do carry a bigger risk and are more expensive to help in emergency situations. What’s more, they need a different type of Goods In Transit cover, so make sure you mention any foreign travel when asking for courier fleet insurance quotes. However, our team are able to search the market for you to find the right policy for you.

What is Goods In Transit Insurance?

Goods in transit, or GIT is often added as an extra to courier fleet insurances and covers the goods and products you are responsible for them, i.e. in transit. We also offer Goods In Transit cover as well so be sure to mention it to your advisor as we may be able to do a great deal on the two together. You may require CMR insurance if you drive across Europe.

Do I need Liability Insurance too?

In addition to courier fleet insurance it is advised that you take Public Liability insurance to cover general citizens from any harm you may cause them as well. What’s more, you are legally required to have Employer’s Liability Insurance if you have employees to cover them for accidents in the work place.

Can I buy Courier Fleet Insurance for both vans and cars?

Yes, we can provide fleet insurance for a variety of vehicles. You can insure a fleet of vans, a fleet of cars or a mixture of the two. At the moment, we cannot insure courier bikes however, we will update this if the situation changes.

What makes a haulage vehicle?

You may be curious as to the differences between courier vehicles and haulage vehicles. Quite simply, if a vehicle is over 3.5 tonnes in weight, it usually comes under the title of haulage, and therefore a different type of insurance is required. Haulage drivers often take bigger loads than normal couriers as they have a vehicle that is more able to take the strain and weight of a additional If this applies to you, our team can help as we offer quotes for those in the haulage industry as well as couriers.

Courier Guide for Startups

Can I buy courier fleet insurance online?

Courier fleet insurance is a very specialist and therefore is not available through a buy online system. When you are looking for insurance for multiple vehicles and multiple drivers, the risks increase and therefore, it is worth while discussing all options with a broker such as ourselves. What’s more, because your drivers will be covering thousands of miles more than many other drivers, Insurance Revolution have found insurance providers who will be understanding of your needs and offer flexibility in adding new drivers and vehicles as well as being able to provide flexible payment options.

I’m a new business, will I get insurance?

If you are setting up a courier business, not only will you get insurance but you need it. Legally, the correct insurance will cover you for many eventualities but realistically, it covers you in case your new business causes harm to anyone including the public, and your employees. However, with you having no previous experience to show insurers, it would be realistic to assume that your cover may be a little more than that of an experienced company. Some brokers struggle to work with new ventures looking for courier fleet insurance quotes, however we work with insurers that understand and are able to provide cover for start-up businesses.

Fuel Cards For Courier Fleets


We work with a lot of courier firms who never realised the benefits of moving to a fleet policy. Not only do we save them time and money, they enjoy the flexibility of having all their drivers on one policy using all the vehicles in the business.

However, it’s important to make sure that your drivers meet the insurers criteria i.e. age or number and type of convictions otherwise they could be driving uninsured.

Paul Chambers, Fleet Team Leader

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