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  • Insurance for business car, company car or pool car
  • Great rates from specialist insurers

Business Car Insurance

At Insurance Revolution we know that a lot of our business clients have found it difficult to source insurance, including business car insurance. We spoke to the insurers we work with for convicted driver and courier insurance and negotiated industry leading prices for business car insurance.
What’s more, we have found any age, any driver policies for your business vehicle and are able to insure if it’s bought or leased in your name, or your businesses.

We can keep you on the road after an accident by using the best, award winning insurers available and ensure that they provide you with a hire vehicle when you need it. What’s more, there is the option of market leading legal cover and a claims service which is second to none.

More benefits of business car insurance from Insurance Revolution

  • Advice from business car specialists
  • Single and multi vehicle policies
  • Business use plus social domestic and pleasure available
  • Pool car insurances
  • Include breakdown and legal cover if you need them
  • Spread your payments over the year
  • Insure your spouse or other family members on the same policy if they need to use the vehicle

Why use a broker?

Honestly, it’s best to talk to a specialist broker for business car insurance because, quite simply, we can work for you. Online quotation systems can’t always quote for business owned vehicles, or if the vehicle is in your name, they are not always able to provide the best level of cover for your situation and the type of driving you undertake. Unlike most car insurances, business car insurance requires an understanding of the types of industry you work in, the situations in which you will be driving and the wider insurance market to ensure you and your vehicle are fully protected.

Pool Car Insurance

If you are looking for insurance for a pool car, then look no further. The very same insurers that we use for business car insurance are able to provide great prices, and the right levels of cover for your business’s pool car. They appreciate that you need any driver cover, they appreciate that some of your drivers might be younger, less experienced and even have convictions. As specialists in all of these areas, we are the right people to help you.

What level of cover do I need?

This will depend on the kind of vehicle you drive, the type of business you work for, who owns the vehicle and many other factors. Our staff have years of experience and will ask the right questions to get you the best rates available.

Why are you not on comparison sites?

We don’t advertise on comparison websites because we feel that isn’t the best way to get you a great deal. Many of the insurances we provide are not available to those on comparison sites due to the specialist nature of the products. Trust us when we say that as clever as computers are these days, they cannot understand your insurance needs as well as a trained insurance specialist like ours. The wrong insurance product can land you in a lot of trouble with the police, so knowing that a real life human being checked that your insurance is right for you can help you sleep at night.

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