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Don’t Let Poor Car Repair Insurance Hold You Back

Without the right level of Service & Repair insurance, you could be liable for any damage caused to a customer’s vehicle, leaving you with a costly bill we’re sure you’d rather do without. Insurance Revolution is here to make things simple and easy to understand, with a customer service team ready to give you expert advice and guidance.

Motor Trade Service & Repair Insurance: What You Need to Know

Many Motor Trade insurance providers consider those working within the commercial motor industry as being a higher risk. Although this may be the case, we at Insurance Revolution will work with insurers to try and provide you with a competitive quote.

Due to the perceived higher risk of commercial motor businesses, which includes servicing and car repair companies, all drivers must be named on the policy. However, our customer service team will help you make changes to your Car Repair insurance policy as and when you need it.

Why Choose Insurance Revolution for Motor Trade Service & Repair Insurance

We're here to make finding the right car repair insurance policy as easy as possible. We understand that searching for insurance can be a confusing and often a long winded process, which is why our team of expert Car insurance agents are on hand to help.

Our simple online quote form and follow up call will give our team the information they need to search the market for the most appropriate Motor Repair insurance policy. If there's anything you'd like to include, this isn't a problem, and can be done over the phone when we give you a call – your peace of mind is our highest priority.

Insurance Revolution's Reviews 

I am in my first year of owning a recovery company and was struggling to secure a good deal on a motor trade policy, everyone I spoke to was quoting me £10k plus for a year's premium. I managed to speak to Luke Blanchard at Insurance Revolution and he was so helpful and managed to secure me a policy for less than half the above-quoted figure. Since if I ever need amendments to the policy or documents updated etc he is very quick in getting them sent over! A real asset to the team! Thank you, Luke!

Kyle M., 



What Does Car Repair Insurance Protect Against?

Car Repair insurance provides cover for providing repairs and maintenance on a customer's vehicle. The extent of your cover can vary depending on the insurance provider and the specific policy you choose, but it should ensure that should an accident happen, your business and livelihood are protected.

Am I Legally Required to Have Motor Mechanic Insurance?

While no specific "Motor Mechanic insurance” is mandated by law, there are several types of insurance that such businesses are typically required to have or are recommended. Road Risk, Public Liability and Employer's Liability insurance can be very important for many motor trade businesses, Tools Cover will help ensure that you can continue earning even if something happens to your equipment.

What Cover Should I Have for a Vehicle Repair and Service Garage?

Operating a vehicle repair and service garage in the UK comes with various risks and responsibilities. To protect your business, employees, and customers, having the right insurance coverage is essential. To discuss which level of insurance is most appropriate for you, contact a member of the Insurance Revolution team on 0330 808 1490.

How Can I Request an Auto Repair Insurance Quote?

To request an Auto Repair insurance quote, all you need to do is complete our online form. We’ll then give you a call to confirm your details and ask some questions about the type of policy you require. This will allow us to shop the market to find the right level of cover.

Where Can I Find Cheap Motor Mechanic Insurance?

You won't find Insurance Revolution listed if you’re looking for cheap Motor Mechanic insurance on price comparison sites. We don’t rely solely on machines to provide quotes. Instead, we use our direct relationships with insurance providers to find the most appropriate policy to suit your needs.

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