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DR10 Insurance

Have you been issued with a DR10 conviction and want to get back on the road? Are you constantly being quoted unreasonably high prices or keep being turned away when trying to insure your vehicle? Insurance Revolution can help. We specialise in finding insurance for drivers with convictions, so if you choose us to find your DR10 Insurance, you’re in very safe hands.

What is DR10 Insurance?

DR10 Insurance is cover for those who have been issued with a DR10 Conviction. A DR10 Conviction is imposed on people who have been found guilty of driving or attempting to drive with alcohol concentration above the legal limit.

If you are issued with a DR10 conviction you will also receive three to 11 points on your licence, depending on the circumstances of the offence. The DR10 code must stay on your licence for 11 years. You must declare it to your insurer for five years.


Will a DR10 conviction increase the cost of my insurance?

The simple answer is yes, insurance with convictions can be expensive and some insurers won’t want to cover you, but we work with insurers who will. Insurance policies are priced based on risk, insurers want to determine the likelihood of a claim occurring, and this is where they come up with the price. They take many factors into account, including your driving record. It goes without saying that someone with a clean licence will be rated safer than a driver with a DR10 conviction. However, even though your premium may not be as cheap as before the conviction, we can help by providing fair and competitive rates for people with driving convictions. We understand that it can be difficult to pay higher premiums but we can also offer monthly payments to help with the financial burden. There are also ways you can help keep the premiums as low as possible, you can for example opt for a higher excess on your policy, or you can make sure you are driving one of the cheaper vehicles to insure. We have written a blog about the cheaper cars to insure here. Your premiums will not be higher forever, driving convictions are eventually removed from your record and you can go back to having a clean driving record. In the meantime you can find affordable insurance with us and get you back on the road.  


Why Insurance Revolution for DR10 Insurance?

At Insurance Revolution, we understand that everyone makes mistakes, so we don’t waste time judging you and, instead, work quickly to find the most appropriate insurance cover for your personal circumstances. We understand that finding DR10 Insurance can be stressful, so while we won’t claim we make insurance ‘fun’, we do make the experience as simple and stress-free as possible. All of our account handlers are highly experienced, professional and will do all the hard work on your behalf. What’s more, as Insurance Revolution specialises in convicted driver insurance, we have access to the most-competitively priced polices in the business and can always negotiate the best prices on our customers’ behalf.

Insurance For DR10 Drivers

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