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Breakdown and Recovery Agent Insurance

Breakdown and Recovery Agents help us when we're in dire need, stuck and helpless when the problem is too severe to be fixed on the side of the road.

But who helps the helpers? Insurance Revolution aims to provide suitable help as we look to provide the most comprehensive range of motor traders insurance to Breakdown and Recovery Agents we can.

We understand that it can be a headache when searching for a specialist type of car trader insurance. That is why we look to make the transition from providing suitable policy coverage to ensuring you are suitably looked after when back on the road a smooth one.


Why choose Insurance Revolution for Breakdown and Recovery Agent Insurance?

We understand that the risks involved in your job can be not only be potentially dangerous but also life threatening which is why we look to provide expert advice and our dedicated customer service team will ensure that your needs are met fully.

If you desire quick and efficient coverage that enables you to get back on the road and down to business fast then Insurance Revolution are specialist trade car insurance brokers who will ensure those standards are met and beaten in order to provide our Breakdown and Recovery Agents with the best possible service.


What types of Breakdown and Recovery Agent Insurance policies can we offer?

We look to ensure that any type of risk associated with breakdown and recovery is catered for in our range of motor traders insurance policies. We are dedicated to also ensuring that the insurance policies provided are suited to you as a business and will look at covering every possible eventuality you may encounter while on road with out motor trade insurance quotes.

Our policy coverage is relevant to you as a business whether you operate a local recovery business or a nationwide recovery service with a whole fleet of vehicles and personnel in depots stretching length and breadth of the country.

At Insurance Revolution our Breakdown and Recovery policy coverage ranges includes loading and unloading, vehicle recovery weight limits and tools and equipment enabling you to concentrate on your business essentials.

Our dedicated team of professionals is here to help you select from further policy coverage that will ensure you are fully protected on the way to your next job wherever it may be. Get in touch for a motor trade insurance quote today!

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