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Helping Car Recovery Service Providers Find the Right Level of Cover

If you’re going to help people on the road, ensuring you’re insured correctly should be your number one priority. Insurance Revolution is here to help make sure you have cover that’ll protect you no matter what, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind. 

Breakdown and Recovery Agent Insurance: What You Need to Know

Breakdown and Recovery Agent insurance is tailored for businesses and professionals working in the car recovery service sector. This includes companies providing breakdown assistance, vehicle towing, and recovery services. Whether you operate a fleet of recovery vehicles or work independently, this insurance caters to the unique risks associated with your line of work.

Insurance providers may offer different levels of Breakdown and Recovery Agent cover to suit various business needs and budgets. These could range from basic options to more comprehensive plans with additional products included, such as Breakdown cover.

Why Choose Insurance Revolution for Breakdown and Recovery Agent Insurance

At Insurance Revolution, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner for businesses in the breakdown and recovery service sector. We believe that managing your Breakdown and Recovery Agent insurance should be as hassle free as possible. Our adjustment process allows for easy modifications to your policy, so you can focus on the road ahead.

Working with Insurance Revolution's expert Breakdown and Recovery Agent insurance brokers will provide you with a tailored quote to meet the specific needs of your vehicle recovery business. Our expertise in the breakdown recovery service sector means we understand your business's unique risks and challenges, offering solutions that provide the right level of protection.

Insurance Revolution's Reviews 

I am in my first year of owning a recovery company and was struggling to secure a good deal on a motor trade policy, everyone I spoke to was quoting me £10k plus for a year's premium. I managed to speak to Luke Blanchard at Insurance Revolution and he was so helpful and managed to secure me a policy for less than half the above-quoted figure. Since if I ever need amendments to the policy or documents updated etc he is very quick in getting them sent over! A real asset to the team! Thank you, Luke!

Kyle M., 



Do I Need Car Recovery Service Insurance Cover?

It's crucial for UK breakdown and recovery service providers to have insurance cover. This specialised insurance provides a safety net for the unique risks associated with offering a breakdown and recovery service.

What Does Car Breakdown Recovery Insurance Include?

A typical car Breakdown and Recovery Agent insurance policy includes core vehicle cover, safeguarding your business against claims for damage caused to your vehicle or third-party vehicles in accidents. Employer's Liability is also crucial, protecting the business against claims from employees who could get injured while on the job. It can also include other insurance products, such as Carriage of Vehicles cover.

Do Car Recovery Agents Require Additional Insurance?

Car recovery agents typically require specific insurance coverage due to the unique risks associated with their business. While they may be covered by the business' insurance policy, other levels of cover, such as Road Risk, Public Liability, Employer’s Liability and Carriage of Vehicles cover are other options.

How Much Does Vehicle Breakdown Recovery Insurance Cost for Agents?

It's impossible to say how much Breakdown and Recovery Agent insurance should cost because we need your unique information to provide an accurate price. We don't like to speculate as your quote is bespoke to you. We consider various factors, including your vehicle type, location, services offered, and the level of Vehicle Breakdown and Recovery Agent insurance you require.

How Can I Request a Car Recovery Service Insurance Quote?

You can request a Vehicle Breakdown and Recovery Agent insurance quote by completing our online form. Once we’ve given you a call to make sure we have all the information we need, we can shop the market on your behalf to find the right level of cover for you and your business.

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