Top 5 Reasons to be a Fast Food Delivery Driver

The contemporary gig economy has opened up a bevy of job opportunities that leverage the potential of side income big time. It’s ideal for those who prefer a freelance job environment or wish to try out multiple workplaces on contracts. One of the most popular outcomes of modern gig economy ...

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Will I be able to drive in Europe after Brexit?

The UK shook the whole world when it voted (51.9%) to leave the EU in June, 2016, paving the way for the historical “Brexit”. The reigning Prime Minister Theresa May officially initiated the process of Brexit on March 29, 2017. It implies the UK is supposed to leave the EU ...

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What Do I Need to Be a Fast Food Delivery Driver?

Fast food delivery represents a booming industry in the UK of late. As per this The Guardian article, demand for food deliveries to the doorstep has grown 10x faster compared to dining out in recent times. No wonder, fast food delivery drivers have excellent career opportunities before them. In regards ...

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TextConnex from Insurance Revolution!

Here at Insurance Revolution, we want to make it as easy as possible for our clients to communicate with us. Whether it be requesting additional documents or getting hold of our customer service team. Just like you, there is nothing we find frustrating more than being on hold for longer ...

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How Many Times Does It Take On Average To Pass Your Driving Test In The UK?

UK follows a strict driving test policy to ensure only the most competent drivers on road. A successful passing of the test will reward you with full legal GB or Northern Ireland driving license. It was the Road Traffic Act 1934 which made it compulsory to sit and pass the ...

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