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Bounce Back from Your DR40 Driving Conviction

To be convicted of a DR40 offence, you must be in charge of a vehicle whilst over the legal alcohol limit. The key difference with a DR40 conviction is you do not have to be driving the vehicle to be prosecuted; you only have to be inside it with your keys. Insurance Revolution is here to make insurance simple and easy to understand.

DR40 Insurance: What You Need to Know

As with any drink driving offence, having a DR40 driving conviction means that insurance companies will see you as a high risk driver. This means your insurance premiums will increase significantly, but we'll always do our best to provide you with the most appropriate insurance quote.

When you're requesting a DR40 insurance quote, drivers must disclose any and all convictions, as failing to make your insurance broker or provider aware could invalidate the policy.

If your policy has been invalidated by your insurance provider and the police stop you, under such circumstances, you may receive a driving ban and another conviction, making it even more difficult to find insurance in the future?.

Why Choose Insurance Revolution for DR40 Insurance?

Here at Insurance Revolution, we're Convicted Car insurance specialists. This means that we're experts in finding competitive DR40 insurance policies for motorists with various convictions on their licence. We're on a mission to provide competitive DR40 insurance quotes for our customers, so you can get back behind the wheel as soon as possible.

Our online process is really simple. All you need to do is provide us with your key personal and vehicle information and we will give you a call to ask any further questions. Once we have your information, we'll shop the market for you.

Insurance Revolution's Reviews

I had a great experience using insurance revolution and Scott was very helpful he found the best quote for myself even with my convictions, i was quoted more then half the price i was quoted with other insurance providers. I highly recommend using insurance revolution.




What Is a DR40 Conviction?

People found to be in control of a vehicle while their blood alcohol concentration exceeds the legal limit will be given a DR40 conviction. This conviction is serious and makes clear how important it is to avoid driving if you believe you might be under the influence, even if you don't think you're over the limit.

What Are the Implications of a DR40 Driving Conviction?

A conviction for committing a DR40 offence may lead to a costly fine, penalty points being added to your driving license, and potentially a driving disqualification for an extended period. It will greatly affect your ability to find affordable Car insurance cover because of your poor driving history, which is why many choose to work with an insurance broker.

How Does a DR40 Offence Impact My Insurance?

Getting a DR40 driving offence can result in higher insurance premiums. Insurance providers view these convictions as a sign of risky behaviour on the road. Some insurers may refuse coverage altogether, but there are specialist insurance policies, like DR40 insurance, that appeal to people with this conviction.

How Does DR40 Insurance Work?

DR40 insurance is a special type of Vehicle insurance aimed at helping people with a DR40 conviction get back on the road. It's very similar to a traditional Vehicle insurance policy, but it acknowledges that you have broken the law previously, and may have limitations based on what it can cover – this is something we’ll flag if it’s relevant to your policy.

Where Can I Find a DR40 Insurance Quote?

Insurance Revolution know how important Convicted Driver insurance is, so we'll be here to support you if you're looking for DR40 insurance. We have an easy to complete online form

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