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DR70 Insurance

If you’ve been convicted of a DR70, it means that you have refused to provide a specimen for a breath test on the roadside.

If the police ask you to provide a specimen at any time, whether it be bloody, breath or urine, you have to give it to them. Failure to do so means you’re breaking the law.

How many penalty points does a DR70 conviction carry?

Unlike many other drink driving convictions, a DR70 only carries four  penalty points. A DR70 will also only stay on your license for four years, rather than 11.

You must tell your insurer about any convictions you have, failure to do so could result in your insurance being deemed invalid.

Remember, getting 12 or more penalty points on your license means that you will be banned from driving.

What is DR70 insurance?

If you’ve been convicted of any drink driving offence, including a DR70, your insurance premiums could increase dramatically.

This is due to insurance companies deeming drink drivers to be of higher risk. In fact, some insurers won’t even provide cover for drivers with these types of convictions.

However, if you choose specialist car insurance for drink drivers, you could cut the cost of your premium.

Why choose Insurance Revolution for DR70 insurance?

Here at Insurance Revolution, we’re experts in finding cheap car insurance for drink drivers. We’re a specialist in the field of insurance companies for drink drivers.

We don’t believe that you should pay extortionate prices for your insurance, that’s why we always provide competitive drink driving insurance quotes.

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