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DR20 Insurance

Our DR20 Insurance Will Help You Get Back Behind the Wheel

If you’ve been convicted of attempting to drive or driving when unfit to drive through drink, you’ll have a DR20 conviction on your license. While this is similar to a DR10 offence, the difference is that a DR20 relates to a driver being unfit to drive because of alcohol.

DR20 Insurance: What You Need to Know

A DR20 insurance policy is aimed at drivers convicted of a DR20 offence, which is being found guilty of driving or attempting to drive while unfit because of alcohol?. This conviction significantly impacts a driver's ability to secure Car insurance at a lower rate due to the high risk associated with such a driving offence, but that doesn't mean that we can't search for more competitively priced insurance policies for drivers with a DR20 conviction.

A DR20 conviction stays on a driver's license for 11 years, though it becomes spent after five years. This long term record can mean you may have to pay an increased premium for several years. To potentially reduce the cost of DR20 insurance premiums, drivers can try a few different things, such as choosing a car with a smaller engine or exploring shared insurance options by adding a non convicted named driver.

Why Choose Insurance Revolution for DR20 Insurance?

Here at Insurance Revolution, our goal is to provide competitive quotes for insurance for drunk drivers. If you’ve been caught driving or attempting to drive with an illegal amount of alcohol in your system, we can help. We specialise in offering insurance for convicted drivers, so get in touch today for a no obligation DR20 insurance quote.

To request a DR20 insurance quote, you can complete our online form or give us a call. Once we have your personal and vehicle information, we'll be able to shop the market by directly reaching out to our insurance providers.

Insurance Revolution's Reviews

I had a great experience using insurance revolution and Scott was very helpful he found the best quote for myself even with my convictions, i was quoted more then half the price i was quoted with other insurance providers. I highly recommend using insurance revolution.




What Is a DR20 Conviction?

A DR20 conviction is issued to people found guilty of driving or attempting to drive while under the influence of alcohol or exceeding the legal alcohol limit. This is a serious offence, and having a specialist policy in place is essential, or you risk having your policy invalidated and being charged with another offence.

What Is the Impact of Having a DR20 Driving Conviction?

A DR20 driving conviction can result in severe penalties, including a fine, penalty points on your driving license, and potentially a disqualification from driving for a certain period. After receiving your motoring comvictions, you should expect your insurance policy to be much more expensive, and this is because you’ll be seen as a high-risk driver.

How Does a DR20 Driving Offence Affect My Insurance Premiums?

A DR20 driving offence often leads to higher insurance premiums due to the potential higher risk of being on the road, while some insurers may even decline to provide cover altogether. Insurance products like DR20 insurance are designed to cater to people with this conviction.

What is DR20 Insurance?

DR20 insurance is a niche insurance product designed to cover people with a DR20 conviction on their driving record. This insurance helps individuals get back on the road legally and safely despite their past convictions. It's designed to consider your poor driving record and the higher risk of you offending again.

How Can I Request a DR20 Insurance Quote?

Requesting a DR20 insurance quote is a straightforward process. Contact us by completing our online form, or give us a call. Once you’ve submitted your details online and we’ve given you a call to ask for any additional information, we’ll search the market for the most appropriate policy options.

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