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Deliver with a Smile, Thanks to Fast Food Delivery Driver Insurance

You never know what’s around the corner or over the hill, so having Fast Food Delivery Driver insurance is vital. Not only is this type of policy required, but it’ll help ensure that your cover is valid should the worst happen, better protecting you, your vehicle, and your livelihood.

Fast Food Delivery Driver Insurance: What You Need to Know

Unlike other types of courier related insurance products, Fast Food Delivery Driver insurance is necessary and is something that all drivers will need to have, whether that's set in place by themselves or their employer. It differs from traditional insurance in that it also includes business use, so should an accident happen on the road, you should be covered.

While Fast Food Delivery Driver insurance can cost more, this is because delivery drivers are often on the road for longer periods and at times when accidents are more likely to happen.

Fast Food Delivery Driver policies all include social, domestic and pleasure use, so you don't need to have this elsewhere. For any current social, domestic and pleasure policy you may have with us, we can look to add Fast Food Delivery. If you are a new customer to us, you will need to cancel your existing policy before taking out a Fast Food Delivery Driver policy with us, otherwise you will be dual insured. This means you have all your cover in one place.

Why Choose Insurance Revolution for Fast Food Delivery Driver Insurance

At Insurance Revolution, we're committed to helping fast food delivery drivers and service providers find the right cover for their needs. We have several options to help you stay protected on the road while having complete peace of mind, without worrying about your insurance. What's more, we don't place any limitations on the number of deliveries you can make, so you'll be covered no matter what.

Insurance Revolution's Reviews 

Absolutely brilliant. Definitely the best company to deal with for fast food. Mark Carter was my guy who worked his backside off to get me a sweet deal. Actually saved me more than what it would of cost for normal insurance. Did well pronouncing my welsh address. Needs a raise or something. Top man. Gonna be dealing with him personally next year when I am due for renewal.

David M., 

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Is Fast Food Delivery Driver Insurance Compulsory?

If you want to deliver food in exchange for money, you must have a specific insurance policy to cover you while on the road. Food delivery is classed as business use, making Fast Food Delivery Driver insurance something that is vital if you want to remain on the right side of the law, while protecting yourself and your livelihood at the same time.

What Is the Point of Fast Food Delivery Car Insurance?

Fast Food Delivery Driver Car insurance will ensure that you’re protected when delivering food. Your standard insurance policy will not cover this activity. They are often limited to social, domestic, and pleasure purposes, so should an accident happen while you’re working, your personal insurance is unlikely to cover you. This could make you liable for any costs that can be incurred.

Where Can I Compare Fast Food Delivery Insurance?

If you want a Fast Food Delivery Driver insurance quote, you can complete our online form to request a call back from one of our insurance advisors. Once you submit the form, our team will give you a call before they search the market for the right policy to suit your needs.

Who Is Responsible for Fast Food Delivery Insurance?

If you're a contracted or self employed fast food delivery driver, you will be responsible for setting up your own Fast Food Delivery Driver insurance policy, and this may be required to deliver for certain companies.  If you own or manage a fast food delivery service and hire drivers directly, you will be responsible for ensuring they have the correct level of insurance.

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