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IN10 Insurance

Did you know that every year thousands of people are caught driving without insurance?

Driving without valid insurance in the UK incurs an immediate fine of £300, plus a conviction.

What is an IN10 conviction?

A IN10 driving offence occurs when a person is convicted of driving without valid insurance. It’s rare that IN10 drivers have intentionally got behind the wheel without valid insurance. In fact, many people who are convicted did not realise that they were uninsured due to misunderstandings with their insurance company. For example, they may have missed a payment and the policy has been cancelled, or they have put the wrong information on their insurance policy to begin with. It’s also possible to get a IN10 conviction for driving without the correct type of insurance. For example, if you’re caught driving with just a domestic policy when you actually need a business policy, you could end up with a conviction. However, by law anyone caught driving without insurance is liable for a IN10 conviction which means many people are still convicted even if it is through a misunderstanding.


How long will a IN10 conviction stay on my licence?

A IN10 conviction will stay on your driving licence for four years from the date of the offence. The conviction will also incur 6 to 8 points on your licence. However, you will need to disclose the conviction to your insurance provider for five years from the date of the offence.


Will an IN10 conviction increase the cost of my car insurance?

Unfortunately yes, any driving conviction would negatively affect your car insurance premium and an IN10 is no different. Finding affordable insurance when you have convictions can be tricky as you will be quoted premiums higher than you are used to, and some insurers will not be willing to cover you at all. Insurance premiums are calculated based on risk, insurers will determine what the likelihood is of you being involved in a claim and they work on the price based on this. Insurers will take many factors into account when working out the risk. Someone who has a clean licence will be rated safer than someone with a IN10 conviction, because having an IN10 conviction tells insurers that the driver has a past of not driving safety as they were not correctly insured. You may notice that your premium is not as cheap as it was before you had the conviction, but we can help, by understanding your situation and seeing you now want to be correctly insured, we can search our markets and offer you a realistic and competitive price. We also understand that it can be difficult to pay higher premiums in one go, and are able to offer direct debits to help with the financial burden. There are ways you can help keep the quotes you receive as low as possible, for example you can choose to install a dash cam or a tracking device on your vehicle, or you can buy a vehicle which is cheaper to insure. If you are wondering if you will have to pay higher premiums forever, we can tell you that you will not. After a few years passes convictions are eventually removed from your driving licence and you can have a clean record again. Whilst you do have driving convictions you can find affordable quotes with Insurance Revolution, and we can help you get back on the road. 


Why choose Insurance Revolution for your IN10 insurance?

Here at Insurance Revolution, we treat our customers like human beings, not just policy numbers. We offer specialist car insurance for convicted drivers, so you know you will be in good hands if you choose to take out your IN10 car insurance through us. That’s why we always fully assess each individual’s situation, so we can create a quote that’s been specifically tailored to your needs.

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