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If you’ve been caught driving without a valid insurance policy, you were likely charged with an IN10 driving offence. Now that you’ve paid the price, we can avoid making the same mistake twice by taking out an IN10 insurance policy.
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Our Approach


To request a quote, call us or complete our online form. We will need all of the key information relating to you, your vehicle, and what unique insurance requirements you have.


After you've submitted our online form, we will call to check your key details and to discuss the level of cover you require. This will allow us to build the right policy to suit your unique needs.


Once we have confirmed your details and your policy needs, we can compare the available options. We will then discuss the key details to make sure you fully understand the terms and conditions.

Insurance Revolution's Reviews

Trust Pilot

Brilliant service. I have 5 motor convictions and within 10 minutes Daniel Henson at Insurance Revolution sorted me out with cheap car insurance. Much appreciated. I do recommend.


Only insurance company that would insure me with convictions. Bent over backwards to ensure I could afford a lower deposit initially. Holly was great! Clear, concise information delivered with enough time to ask questions, etc. I would highly recommend!


I spoke to a guy named Rob, who was very helpful and polite – he got me the best quote by far. I am a convicted driver and would highly recommend Insurance Revolution.


Don't Make the Same Mistake Twice – Take Out an IN10 Insurance Policy

We offer specialist insurance for IN10 driving offences
Our team can offer expert advice and support throughout the process
Get back on the road and drive with confidence
We’ll work to find the most competitive prices for your policy
Better understand how an IN10 driving conviction impacts your insurance
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An IN10 conviction is issued to individuals found guilty of driving without insurance. This conviction highlights a serious breach of legal and safety requirements, and carries significant penalties, including fines, penalty points on the driving license, and potentially a driving ban.

An IN10 conviction usually results in higher insurance premiums as it classifies you as a high risk driver in the eyes of insurance providers. The driving conviction remains on the record for an extended period, making finding affordable insurance challenging.

IN10 insurance is a niche insurance product designed to cover people with an IN10 conviction on their driving record. Despite their conviction, IN10 insurance aims to help them get back on the road legally and safely.

You can request quotes for IN10 insurance online, or by giving us a call. When requesting a quote, remember to provide accurate details regarding your driving history, including the IN10 conviction itself, so we can find policies more likely to be a better fit.

While it may be challenging, finding cheap Car insurance with an IN10 conviction is possible. While we can’t promise that our policies will be ‘cheap’, we’ll do our best to find competitively priced options for you to review. It’s important to remember that they will still likely be much more expensive than standard Car insurance policies.

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