What Conviction Codes Mean and What They Do To Your Insurance

Conviction codes are a call for alarm for any driver on road. The UK Road traffic Act has specified certain codes for a wide niche of driving offences. Whenever a driver breaks traffic or driving law, his license is immediately endorsed with offence code & penalty points. The penalty points ...

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How Does Drink Driving Affect Insurance?

Being convicted of drink driving (a DR10 penalty) can result in many negative outcomes. You could face a large fine, a hefty levy of points on your licence, a driving ban for 12 months, and even in some cases a prison sentence. It will also alter the insurance policy you currently have ...

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Why is drug driving so dangerous?

The perils of driving when on drugs are paramount. Your senses become impaired, you become more aggressive and you’re putting everyone else at risk, not just yourself. All drugs react to your body differently and understanding their harmful side effects on your driving could mean the difference between life and ...

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What drug effects make driving dangerous?

Taking drugs when driving puts yourself and others at serious risk. The harmful side effects of drugs mean that the senses you rely on to operate a car properly are seriously impaired. We’ve taken a look at some popular drugs and what their effects can do to you when you’re ...

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What are drink driving penalties?

There are many factors that can change the outcome of your drink driving conviction. Some of the most common ones are below, although ultimately the severity of your punishment is determined by a magistrate’s court. Drink driving penalties Fines There are a few different fines, depending on the circumstances of ...

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