Is it possible for new drivers with six points to regain car insurance?

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If you have less than two years driving experience and you receive six or more penalty points, your driver’s licence will be revoked. Depending on the offence, some drivers will also receive a driving ban as well as a revoked licence.

Once any associated bans are spent, you will be able to retake your driving test and regain your licence. Once you have regained a full UK driving licence, you will also be able to purchase car insurance.

Many insurers will charge you a very high premium or refuse to cover you altogether, but Insurance Revolution is different. Insurance Revolution specialises in finding competitively-priced insurance for drivers with motoring and criminal convictions, so we can always find you a good price.

What’s more, our staff are friendly, helpful and won’t waste time by judging you, but will instead work quickly to find the most appropriate cover for your individual circumstances.

For more information or a quote, visit our Convicted Driver Insurance page.

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