If I get caught speeding while driving abroad, will points be added to my UK licence?

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The rules surrounding the transferring of penalty points that have been accrued abroad are quite complicated.

Originally, if a European police officer stops a British driver for a motoring offence, the officer can issue an on the spot fine and escort the motorist to a cash point. However, under current rules, if you are flashed by a speed camera in a foreign country, a fine cannot be enforced and no points will appear on your UK licence.

But, in 2014 the European Parliament announced plans to crack down on driving offences committed on the continent, which will likely result in police across Europe being given access to the British DVLA database for the first time.

While the current government opposed the changes when they were first proposed in May 2014, the European Parliament overruled the UK’s opt out, which means the UK has until 2017 to comply.

Indeed, an EU directive on cross-border fines was unanimously approved in February this year, meaning UK drivers who commit speeding offences abroad could soon be pursued by European police even when they have returned home.

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