What does SORN mean?

SORN are letters that you may see on your vehicle log book or even read about on a regular basis but still have no idea what they actually mean. SORN stands for Statutory Off Road Notification and it’s used to tell the DVLA that your car isn’t parked or being ...

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Is it illegal for someone else to take my driving test for me?

In short, yes. It is illegal for anyone to impersonate the named driver and take the practical driving test, the theory test or both. This may seem like a very obvious answer, but there are people who get, or in some cases, pay, other people to take parts of their ...

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If I get caught speeding while driving abroad, will points be added to my UK licence?

The rules surrounding the transferring of penalty points that have been accrued abroad are quite complicated. Originally, if a European police officer stops a British driver for a motoring offence, the officer can issue an on the spot fine and escort the motorist to a cash point. However, under current ...

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Why has the scrapping of the paper licence been delayed and what do I need to do when the changes do come into effect?

As part of its drive to streamline services and reduce costs for the taxpayer, the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) announced last year that it was to abolish the photocard licence counterpart (paper licence), with changes coming into effect in January 2015. However, the agency recently announced that plans are ...

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