What are the legal requirements for tyres in the UK?

The legal requirements for tyres in the UK don’t just focus on the tread on your tyres. It is a legal requirement that your vehicle is fitted with the right tyre type and size for the use of the vehicle. Tyre Pressure Tyre pressure is also covered by the law, ...

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Why do I get asked if I am married when getting a car insurance quote?

There are lots of questions on car insurance quotes that seem to be almost irrelevant to driving, but one interesting fact is that married people get into fewer accidents than those who are unmarried. This can translate to cheaper car insurance premiums for lots of married couples. Marriage and Car ...

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Courier Insurance for Private Cars

People who may want to use their private car for courier work may find it difficult to obtain insurance cover for the work they would like to carry out. If you are carrying goods on a UK road, ‘for hire or reward’ then a normal car policy would be deemed ...

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How Does Drink Driving Affect Insurance?

Being convicted of drink driving (a DR10 penalty) can result in many negative outcomes. You could face a large fine, a hefty levy of points on your licence, a driving ban for 12 months, and even in some cases a prison sentence. It will also alter the insurance policy you currently have ...

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Why is drug driving so dangerous?

The perils of driving when on drugs are paramount. Your senses become impaired, you become more aggressive and you’re putting everyone else at risk, not just yourself. All drugs react to your body differently and understanding their harmful side effects on your driving could mean the difference between life and ...

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