How many people pass their practical driving test?

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Every year, on average, 1.6 million people take the practical driving test in the UK. However the pass rate is only around 43%.

In real numbers this means that around 688,000 people actually manage to pass their practical driving test. This equates to a failure rate of about 57% or around 912,000 people. Interestingly the pass rate for the theory test is higher than the pass rate for the practical driving test showing that its easier to learn to rules of the road than it is to put into practice.

These figures are only for the standard driving license that provides drivers with category AM, A, B1, B, F, K, P and Q licenses.

The reasons so many people fail their practical driving tests is down to many factors such as rushing to take the test before they are ready, nerves that cause them to drive in a reckless manner that they haven’t done before, overconfidence and for some, over thinking the situation or just plain silly mistakes.

Getting as much practise as possible at different times of day on different routes as well as getting used to the manoeuvres and the independent portion of the driving test are the best ways you can prepare for your practical driving test.

Remember, when you do pass, here at Insurance Revolution we can help get you on the road with affordable insurance for young and inexperienced drivers.

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