What is the penalty for driving without car insurance in the UK?

There are people who choose to risk driving without a valid insurance policy in place. However, it's illegal to drive on the road or in a public place without any form of insurance. You need to have third party insurance in the very least or you could face the following penalty. ...

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How much is drink drivers insurance?

Unfortunately we cannot give you a set amount of how much drink drivers insurance will cost as it is priced based on many different factors. It is true though that many insurers do not want to cover people who have drink driving convictions on their licence, so you will most likely ...

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What drug effects make driving dangerous?

Taking drugs when driving puts yourself and others at serious risk. The harmful side effects of drugs mean that the senses you rely on to operate a car properly are seriously impaired. We’ve taken a look at some popular drugs and what their effects can do to you when you’re ...

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What are drink driving penalties?

There are many factors that can change the outcome of your drink driving conviction. Some of the most common ones are below, although ultimately the severity of your punishment is determined by a magistrate’s court. Drink driving penalties Fines There are a few different fines, depending on the circumstances of ...

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Why has the scrapping of the paper licence been delayed and what do I need to do when the changes do come into effect?

As part of its drive to streamline services and reduce costs for the taxpayer, the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) announced last year that it was to abolish the photocard licence counterpart (paper licence), with changes coming into effect in January 2015. However, the agency recently announced that plans are ...

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