How much is drink driving insurance?

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If you’ve been convicted of drink driving then your insurance is going to go up – by quite a significant amount. As you put yourself and others at risk on the road, insurance companies see you as a dangerous driver and as such will charge you a premium to be insured with them. Take a look below at the costs associated to drink driving insurance.

The cost of drink driving insurance

Research carried out by The Daily Mail showed that a 30 year old female marketing manager in Cardiff driving a 2003 Mini Cooper for 6,000 miles a year with 5 years no claims discount parked on a driveway saw an increase of 115% on their insurance.

The numbers look something like this:

Original Cost: £782
New Cost: £1,464

Other Penalties for Drink Driving

Not only will the insurance cost rise but you can also face a serious fine of £1,200. The penalties for driving when under the influence of alcohol can also affect many other areas of your life. If your license is revoked you can find yourself struggling to get to work. Even if your driving ban stops you getting to work, and potentially losing your job, the ban won’t be lifted and you could still have to pay a hefty fine and hiked insurance premiums.

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