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How Much Is Drink Driving Insurance?

Female driver looking upset after being stopped by police

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a set amount of how much drink-drivers insurance will cost as it is priced based on many different factors. Many insurers do not want to cover people who have drink-driving convictions on their licence, so you will most likely need to go to a specialist insurer. Insurance Revolution is one of those specialist insurers that can help you find a drink-drivers insurance policy.

The cost of drink drivers insurance

You, of course, may see an increase in the price of your insurance after a drunk driving conviction as you will be deemed a higher risk by insurers. Many insurers may either be unwilling to cover you or quote sky-high prices. A specialist insurer will treat people with a ban fairly and know the drunk driver insurance market. It may be true that you will have to pay more than you are used to with standard car insurance, but you do not need to be taken advantage of.

Other Penalties for Drink Driving

Not only may your insurance cost rise, but you can also face a serious fine. The penalties for driving when under the influence of alcohol can also affect many other areas of your life, so the last thing you need is to be struggling to get car insurance once the ban is lifted.

While we can not give exact figures on the cost of drunk drivers’ insurance, the best way to learn more is to visit our dedicated website page.