How much is drink drivers insurance?

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Unfortunately we cannot give you a set amount of how much drink drivers insurance will cost as it is priced based on many different factors. It is true though that many insurers do not want to cover people who have drink driving convictions on their licence, so you will most likely need to go to a specialist insurer. Insurance Revolution is one of those specialist insurers that can help you find a drink drivers insurance policy.

The cost of drink drivers insurance

You of course may see a increase in the price of your insurance after a drink driving conviction as you will be deeed a higher risk by insurers. Many insurers may either be unwiling to cover you or quote sky high prices. A specialist insurer will treat people with a ban fairly and have knowledge on the drink drivers insurance market. It may be true that you will have to pay more than you are used to with standard car insurance but you do not need to be taken advantage of. 

Other Penalties for Drink Driving

Not only may your insurance cost rise but you can also face a serious fine. The penalties for driving when under the influence of alcohol can also affect many other areas of your life, so the last thing you need is to be also struggling to get car insurance once the ban is lifted. 

While we can not give exact figures on the cost of drink drivers insurance, find out how we can help you here.

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How do police measure drink drive levels?

When Police pull a driver over, they are usually concerned with the drivers Blood Alcohol Content or Concentration. They usually measure BAC in concentration of alcohol in the bloodstream and is measured as mass per volume. For example, using the English drink drive limit a BAC of 0.8% means the same ...

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How Many Points Do You Get For UK Driving Convictions?

The UK government categorizes motoring offences with penalty points on the driver’s driving record and the points further determine the level of penalty to be subjected to the driver. The process of sentencing penalty points on driving records for driving convictions is called endorsements- and the endorsements stay on records ...

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Has Drink Driving Increased In The Past 10 Years In The UK?

Road accidents seem to be rising on the UK roads. According to reports, a fair share of road crashes are the inevitable result of drink driving. If you follow the market studies, there has been an alarming rise of around 17% in drunk-driving crashes over the past 10 years in the UK. In simple words, ...

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