What are the penalties for having no car insurance in the UK?

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Car insurance seems to be getting more and more expensive it can tempting to not purchase car insurance and risk driving without it. However, it isillegal to drive on the road or in a public place without any form of insurance. You need to have 3rdparty insurance in the very least or you could face the following penalty.

  • Fixed penalty £300 and 6 penalty points – this applies to any driver driving any vehicle, even if the owner of the vehicle has insured their car and said it is okay for you to drive it, unless you are insured on that vehicle you will receive this penalty.


You may be taken to court for driving without insurance where you can face an unlimited fine depending on the situation and be banned from driving. The court will decide on the length of your ban. If you are banned from driving for more than 56 days then you will have to apply for a new license before you can drive again. The police may also be awarded the power to seize the vehicle of an uninsured driver and they may also be given the authority to destroy the vehicle.

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