What drug effects make driving dangerous?

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Taking drugs when driving puts yourself and others at serious risk. The harmful side effects of drugs mean that the senses you rely on to operate a car properly are seriously impaired. We’ve taken a look at some popular drugs and what their effects can do to you when you’re driving. Driving on drugs is a serious crime and with these side effects it’s clear to see why.

Heightened Sense of Sound

Drug likely to cause this reaction: MDMA

Having a heightened sense of sound when you’re driving may seem like a good thing – you’ll be able to hear hazards better right? Actually, having a heightened sense of sound can cause you to panic, make you more aggressive when driving and impair your judgement. MDMA and Cocaine are often found to have this effect.


Drug likely to cause this reaction: Cocaine

Cocaine makes people aggressive anyway, so add it to you driving a heavy vehicle and you can see where the danger lies. Being an aggressive driver means you’re more likely to make rash decisions when driving, or to speed – meaning you could end up with even more points on your license.

Distorted Vision

Drug likely to cause this reaction: MDMA

It’s obvious that being able to see when driving is an important thing – but impairing your vision when driving puts everyone at risk. As MDMA is a psychoactive drug then it can cause hallucinations as well as visions when driving – not what you need when driving down the motorway at 70 miles an hour.

Slowed Reaction Times

Drug likely to cause this reaction: Cannabis

Being able to react to a situation when driving quickly is an essential skill. Smoking Cannabis will slow your reaction times making it dangerous to drive. It’s also worth bearing in mind that your eyes will give you away when you’re pulled over by the police. If you’re on opiates your pupils will be smaller than usual and if on stimulants your pupils will be larger when reacting to light.

Penalties for Drug Driving

If you drive when on drugs then you could be facing a 12 month ban, a £5,000 fine and even imprisonment if the charges are serious enough.

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