How do I get my car out of the impound?

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The police can impound vehicles for a number of reasons, from persons caught drink driving to drivers who do not have a valid MOT. While you naturally want to get your vehicle back as quickly as possible, it is also in your financial interests to do so, as you will be charged for each day your car is in the police impound.

Most importantly, if you do not reclaim your vehicle within 14 days, the police are entitled to assume that you will not be collecting it and can consequently dispose of it.

But this can be avoided if you act in good time and present the police with the documentation and information they require. To get your car back from impound you will need:

  • A valid UK licence (photocard and paper counterpart, until the paper licence is scrapped later this year)
  • Proof the holder is entitled to drive i.e. proof you have not been banned
  • Impounded Vehicle Insurance certificate

If your car has been impounded you will require special Impounded Vehicle Insurance in order to ensure its release.  To secure your vehicle’s release from impound, you must prove that you have at least 30 days valid cover – but to save hassle, Insurance Revolution can provide cover for a year on an Impounded Vehicle Insurance policy.

For more information or a quote, visit our Impounded Vehicle Insurance page.

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