Courier Blog Series: How to Avoid Injury at Work (lifting and driving safety)

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Accidents on the job are all too common. From slips, falls and lifting-induced injuries to road traffic accidents and theft, there is an array of factors that can jeopardise your health and safety. To prevent injuries, keep in mind the following tips.

Car Maintenance/Driving Equipment

Make sure that all equipment on the vehicle is in good working condition and is secured. If the roads are icy or snow-packed, use tyre chains for better traction. Always carry an emergency car kit that has a blanket, torch, pocket knife, food and water, a tool kit, battery booster cables, a first aid kit and a mobile phone charger or backup.

Secure Cargo

Slamming on the breaks, making sharp turns or driving over bumps in the road can all cause cargo to shift. However, having gates on the side of a vehicle is not enough to secure cargo. Take additional measures to insure that the cargo does not shift during transit. Be sure to strap the cargo down with nylon straps or chains and keep parcels in a secure place where they will not fall down.

Defensive Driving

As a professional driver, it is your full-time job to drive defensively. Make sure that you stay alert and always keep eyes on the road. Before hitting the road, make sure you take the time to inspect your car and the driving conditions. Try to practice safe and defensive driving by anticipating the movements of other vehicles and various driving hazards, breaking early, avoiding speeds that are too fast or slow and adjust driving to the road and weather conditions. Also be aware of driving while tired and eliminate all distractions such as a mobile phone and the radio.

Injury Prevention

Use extra precaution when lifting heavy objects. Remember to always lift with your legs and set loads down properly to avoid back injury. Utilise special equipment such as trolleys and lifts to transport heavy items. Maintain good posture when driving. Put your seat in the upright position and keep your back against the seat and close enough to the wheel, so that your knees are bent and higher than your hips. Additionally, sleeping on a firm mattress will help with back support. To maintain your health and keep bones, muscles and ligaments strong, try to maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly. While it may not seem obvious, having strong back and stomach muscles are very important. The stronger your muscles are, the less likely you are to incur stress and injury to your back and other parts of your body.

Proper Gear

Avoid slipping by wearing comfortable shoes with good traction. Always dress for the weather and keep extra clothes, a hat, jacket and gloves in the car in case the weather changes or you become stranded. If you are in an accident or stuck on the side of the road, keep a fluorescent jacket or vest and safety triangles in your car.

Prevent Theft and Hijacking

Courier vans are often the target of theft. To prevent such misfortunes, be sure to always lock your vehicle and use high-quality seals and padlocks. Install video cameras to document any wrongdoings. Always be aware of your surroundings and do not stop to help other motorists or hitchhikers unless necessary.

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