What is the drink driving limit?

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You’re out with friends and you’re eyeing their drinks enviously. You’re the designated driver, but surely you can have one or two drinks and still be ok to drive. Well, there’s lots of factors as to what makes you safe to drive when it comes to alcohol, including your height and weight. What is the drink driving limit in the UK – and are you over it? Take a look at our post below to find out how much you can actually drink and be safe to drive.

What’s the legal limit?

According to Drink Aware, the following measurements are safe for you have in your blood and still be ok to drive. These measurements apply to England and Wales.
“For drivers the limit is: 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood or 35 micrograms per 100 millilitres of breath or 107 milligrams per 100 millilitres of urine.”

What factors affect me getting drunk?

There are also a host of things that can affect you staying under the limit, so it’s worth bearing in mind that these measurements are affected by the following:

• Your gender (if you’re a man you process alcohol faster than a woman)
• Your height
• Your age (younger people process alcohol quicker)
• The type of alcohol you’re drinking
• Your current stress levels (if you’re stressed the alcohol is processed faster)
• Whether you’ve eaten recently ( the less you’ve eaten thee quicker the alcohol will affect you, but you knew that already)

Alcohol affects your ability to be able to drive for many reasons. For example, when you’re drunk it takes longer for messages to reach your brain from your eyes – that’s why you sometimes work on a delay when you’re drunk. Having this impediment when driving is what makes driving a car and drinking so dangerous.
All information from Drink Aware with thanks.

Make sure you’re safe with a Breathalyzer kit

Ultimately, it’s safer not to drink at all, or to have a breathalyser test ready in your car so that you can check your levels before putting yourself, or anyone else, at risk. There’s a whole range of kits, starting at £5 – a bargain price for your safety!
Or if you don’t fancy forking out the £5 pound Insurance Revolution have produced the perfect online tool for you – our drink-driving calculator. All you need to do is input a few personal details and how much you have had to drink and our calculator can tell you if its safe to drink or not.

Driving the morning after

It’s also important to be wary of driving after you’ve been drinking the night before. With late night licensing now being the norm, a lot of people are being caught out even after they’ve ‘slept it off’. Make sure you check your levels the next morning with your home breathalyser kit, or that you’re cautious when drinking the night before. Here’s how long it takes for your alcoholic measurements to break down:

• 1 large glass of wine: about 3 hours
• 1 pint of beer: 2 hours
• Strong larger: about 3 hours

Make sure you stay safe with our guide to the drink driving limits in the UK. You can also use Drink Aware’s site to get the most recent information on the guidelines to drinking and driving.

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