I’ve just passed my test, how do I get insurance?

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Young Driver Car Insurance

I’ve just passed my test, how do I get insurance?

So you’ve passed your driving test. Congratulations!

If you are keen to get on the road you need to make sure you are insured or that shiney new license will be taken away from you as soon as you’ve got it.

To get insurance as a new driver you are best contacting a specialist like Insurance Revolution for a quote.

But what information will you need before you contact us.

Name and other person details – this should be easy enough.

Address – this should be your address where your vehicle is registered and where your driving license is being sent to.

Pass date – this will probably be very fresh in your mind.

Car details – you will need to know the make, model, engine size, number of seats and some other basic facts about the car you are driving. To make things easier, if you know your vehicles registration number we should be able to pull most of the information we need straight from the DVLA.

Vehicle use – how do you plan on using the car? Are you going to be commuting to and from a workplace? Will you be driving your vehicle for work? Or will you be using it to shop and visit people? This is really important. Getting this wrong could invalidate your insurance policy.

Estimated mileage – if you’ve never driven before, this could e a tricky question. Try and work out roughly how much you will be on the road. Most people these days tend to drive around 10,000 miles a year. If you think you will be driving much less, then reduce this number.

Type of cover – You might think that third party insurance will always be cheaper but more often than not, taking fully comprehensive cover shows an insurer that you are taking responsibility and planning on being a careful driver.

Excess – How much are you willing to pay before you use your insurance? If you were involved in a crash resulting in £500 worth of damage, and an excess of £250, the insurer would only need to pay out £250 to cover the cost of fixing the vehicle. The higher the excess level you state, the less your insurance is likely to cost.

These are the basics of what you will need before you can get an insurance quote. Why not try us for Young Driver Insurance.

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