What is a Telematics policy?

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You may have heard of telematics as a form of insurance policy, but you aren’t very sure of what it actually is. Telematics is also known as Blackbox insurance and allows you to have your car insurance based on how you drive rather than based on the insurance premium of the average driver.

How do they test your driving?

A device is installed in your vehicle, it’s a small blackbox that is fitted in around an hour and measures your speed, how you take corners and braking habits. This then calculates how safely and conscientiously you drive and what sort of risk you pose. Your insurance premium is then set based on the data the blackbox collects.

Who is this best for?

Telematics isn’t something that is beneficial for everyone; however, it can be a very useful way to save money when you are a new driver or a younger driver. These two groups are often seen as being high risk and as a result have higher premiums. If you choose to go for telematics insurance, then you will be judged on your ability to drive safely rather than the statistics for your experience or age group.

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