Why do you ask about non motoring convictions?

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When it comes to getting quotes for car insurance, there are some questions that seem to be irrelevant, especially when you are asked if you have any non-motoring convictions. Though disclosing any motoring convictions on your insurance quote may seem a reasonable question, why do some insurance companies ask for details about non-motoring convictions.

Do I have to answer?

Yes, under the insurance disclosure law, you must answer any and all questions that any prospective insurer asks you as fully and accurately as you can.

Is it relevant?

Most insurance companies that ask about criminal convictions ask because they believe that insuring with someone with criminal convictions brings an added element of risk. Having a non-motoring conviction can lead to higher premiums and, in some cases, the insurance company may decline to cover the driver altogether.

What do I disclose?

‘Unspent’ convictions must always be disclosed. Non-motoring convictions that are under 4 years and still in the rehabilitation period must be disclosed because they are still unspent and any non-motoring conviction that resulting in a prison sentence greater than 4 years must always be disclosed (as these are always unspent).

According to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, once the rehabilitation period is complete, the conviction has been spent and therefore no longer needs to be disclosed for the purposes of applying for insurance.

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