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Black Box Insurance

If you have been quoted a high figure for your car insurance, having a black box fitted to your vehicle could prove to be a big help. Young drivers, newly-passed drivers or drivers with convictions, are typically charged high amounts for car insurance and are therefore most likely to benefit from black box or ‘telematics’ technology.

Young and newly qualified drivers are traditionally charged more for car insurance because, unfortunately, they are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents than other drivers. But don’t worry – having a black box fitted could save you a lot of money. Black boxes record speed, distance travelled and the time of day a car is on the road, as well as your driving style, braking, cornering and what types of roads you drive on. Telematics therefore allows you to be assessed as an individual rather than a statistic, put simply, you can prove you are a safe driver.

So if you consider yourself to be a smooth, safe driver, black box insurance could be for you.

Why Insurance Revolution for Black Box Insurance?

Our insurance brokers are extremely professional, helpful and experienced in the field, so are very well-equipped to deal with all of your insurance needs. Our strong relationship with motor insurance specialist, Markerstudy, means we are able to offer what we believe is the best black box product on the market to our customers. We also pride ourselves on finding the most appropriate schemes for our customers, at the most competitive price, so the policy we find for you will always be the most suitable to your individual needs.

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