Why do I get asked if I am married when getting a car insurance quote?

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There are lots of questions on car insurance quotes that seem to be almost irrelevant to driving, but one interesting fact is that married people get into fewer accidents than those who are unmarried. This can translate to cheaper car insurance premiums for lots of married couples.

Marriage and Car Insurance

Whether this is down to driving more carefully as you aren’t trying to impress someone, or because of a spouse’s terrible backseat driver that forces you to drive differently - the safer track record of married couples’ means that you can see a reduction in the cost of your car insurance. Of course being married doesn’t instantly change your driving style, but it is shown to have a positive impact.

This can apply to merging car insurance policies with your spouse as well as having your own policy. You may find that this isn’t always the case, if your spouse has a poor driving record, then it may actually cause your premiums to be higher if you have a combined policy, whereas a multi-car discount policy could be more beneficial.

You can also add driver exclusion policies that can protect your non claims bonus from your partner’s poor driving.

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