How long is drink driving on your license for?

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If you’ve been caught drink driving then it’s important to know how long the conviction stays on your license and the penalties associated to breaking the restrictions.

It can be tough to know what the restrictions are for drink driving as some penalties have different lengths compared to others. Reckless and dangerous driving stays on your license for 4 years, for example. So how long does drink driving stay on your license for?

Length of Drink Driving Penalty

• A drink driving or drug driving appears on your record as a DR10, DR20, DR30, DR31, DR61 and a DR80. These endorsements stay on your license for 11 years.

• If you have been the cause of someone dying due to drink or drug driving then then this appears on your license as a CD40, CD50 and a CD60.

• The final kind of conviction you can obtain in relation to drink driving is a C70 which is causing death by careless driving and then failing to provide a specimen for analysis.

How do I get drink driving removed from my license?

After you’ve completed the 11 years the endorsement should be removed automatically. If you have this mark against your driving license then it can affect many areas of your life, including getting a job.

If you having drink driving penality on your record, it could affect your job, and even see you losing it altogether. However, it does not affect you keeping your license. It is highly unlikely that the ban will be lifted as you have broken the law.

Is there anything that extend the length of a drink driving offense?

A court can decide that your offence is more serious than usual for several reasons. If your alcohol levels exceed 1166 ug on the breathalyser test, for example, then you are deemed to be at violently dangerous levels of alcohol consumption and it can result in a prison sentence.

It is also considered to be a serious offence to have children in the car with you if you have been drink driving, so this can also affect the punishment you are given.

If your alcohol levels are 86 ug on a breathalyser or below then you could get community service or a curfew as well as an 11 year mark on your driving record.



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