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Banned Driver Insurance

Getting back on the road after a driving ban can be way more hassle than we believe it should be. Finding banned or disqualified driver insurance can become frustrating as a lot of insurers will refuse motor insurance policies to drivers with previous bans, while others will quote incredibly high prices. We are different. We have built expertise in policies for drivers who find it difficult to get insured elsewhere, and that includes us being able to provide insurance for previously banned drivers.

Whatever the reason for your driving ban, pick up the phone and give us a call. You can chat to one of our dedicated advisers immediately or you can complete our quote form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Will a previous driving ban stop me from getting insurance?

Some insurance providers will charge a small fortune for their services to those who have incurred a motor related offence of any kind and there are also other companies who will refuse to issue you with any insurance at all. But companies like us specialise in helping people like you – people who’ve had historic driving disqualifications and who are now hitting brick walls trying to get back on the road. It’s true that policies for drivers with previous bans are often more expensive than for those without. But we don’t believe you should pay over the odds, so we strive to offer policies that are tailored to you, your requirements and that are competitively priced.


How much does disqualified insurance cost?

It is impossible for us to say how much your insurance will cost without taking details first. All insurance is based on risk. Insurers will take details and work out what the likelihood is of an accident or claim occurring, and the price is set based on this. This higher the chance of a claim occurring, the higher the premium. You will see low premiums if it seems highly unlikely a claim will occur. Many factors are considered when pricing a policy, including your address, vehicle and occupation. One of the main factors is the driver themselves. It goes without saying that a driver who has been driving for a couple of years and has a driving conviction would be a bigger risk than someone who has been driving over 20 years and has a clean driving licence. Unfortunately, we would not be able to avoid the higher premiums in this scenario. Many insurers who do not want to take on bigger risks would quote incredibly high and unreasonable premiums, some would not issue a quote at all. As a specialist broker, we can not only provide a quote, but we can provide fair and competitive quotes.


What classes me as a high risk driver?

The DVLA give a clear list of reasons as to why you might be classed as a high-risk offender. These include;

  • Being convicted of 2 drink driving offences within a 10 year period
  • Refusing to give a breath, urine or blood sample when required by the police
  • Refusing to allow a sample of blood to be tested for alcohol
  • Driving with a blood alcohol reading of 200 milligrames per 100 mililitres / breath alcohol level of 87.5 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 mililitres / urine alcohol level of 267.5 milligrammes per 100 mililitres

Any of these reasons can class you as a high risk driver in the eyes of the DVLA. This means that in some circumstances you could be asked to take a medical through a DVLA appointed doctor to prove you are fit to drive. You should receive this form 90 before your disqualification is due to end. It will include a questionnaire on your alcohol use in the past, as well as blood tests and a simple physical examination. You will  be charged for the medical, and if successful, you can send off for your licence.

We cover all driving convictions, from DR10 to DR90, as well as speeding offences and dangerous driving. That means we cover the whole spectrum of banned driver insurance, so we could be able to find the right policy for you at a competitive price.


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