How Does Drink Driving Affect Insurance?

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Being convicted of drink driving (a DR10 penalty) can result in many negative outcomes. As well as the obvious initial dent to your pride, one could face a large fine, a hefty levy of points on their license, a driving ban for 12 months, and even in some cases a prison sentence. It will also alter the insurance policy you currently have when you obtain points on your license after a conviction. Insurance policies are conducted in the “utmost good faith” of a policy taker and keeping the insurer fully appraised of your situation during the course of your policy is a must, with the failure to do so often resulting in the insurer refusing to honour the policy if such changes have not been specified. A driving ban would also result in the driver being in breach of the insurance policy, which is valid only in the case that the policy taker holds a valid license. It can also have lasting effects on someone’s insurance premiums in the future, as well as making it more difficult to find an insurer after a conviction. Insurers measure the statistical probability of a person making a claim in the future to calculate their costs, and because those with previous drink driving related convictions are more likely to make a claim in the future according to the industries statistical profiling, they are considered a higher risk to insure for insurance companies, resulting in higher premiums and even – in some cases – a refusal to insure. While this is not the case at Insurance Revolution, it’s worth knowing what kind of financial impact a drink driving conviction may have when looking at the general insurance market.

Research conducted by the UK’s number one price comparison site, moneysupermarket.com, revealed some startling insights. While certain factors will have different relative influences on the cost increase expected by motorists with a DR10 conviction – factors such as postcode, the type of car and the age of the driver – it found that such drivers should typically expect an increase of above seventy percent, with some premium increases even higher, with companies returning quotes of up to 134% higher than those for drivers without a DR10 conviction. The average of £450 per year increasing to £788 per year, with 18 of the top insurance companies evaluated.*

This reaction by the industry is in light of some eyebrow-raising facts from The Department of Transport, claiming six per cent of road casualties and 14 per cent of road deaths occurred through accidents in which a driver was over the limit. Additionally, on average, 3,000 people are killed or seriously injured each year in drink drive collisions. The Home Office adding that a staggering one in eight drivers – 12.5% – admitted to driving after what they believed was an ‘over the limit’ amount to be driving a vehicle in the previous year.

It is these kind of statistics as well as the industry’s’ belief that a previous offence makes one more likely to make a claim in the future that are factors in determining such a steep average increase for drivers with a DR10 conviction. And while, in any best-case scenario, drivers will avoid a conviction in the first place, here at Insurance Revolution we understand how difficult it can be and specialise in being able to offer competitively priced policies for those convicted of a drink driving offence. So if you have obtained a DR related conviction in the past, call us today for a competitive drink driving insurance quote.

* Sourced by www.moneysupermarket.com 06.12.2010
Based on a 40 year-old male living in Maidestone ME15 with a 5 year NCD, with a 2006 Ford Focus
Parked in a driveway, travelling no more than 12,000 miles per year
DR10 penalty – 6 points on license, 40 MC found in blood, £1,000 fine, and 12 month ban.

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