What is a backload?

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If you haven’t been working as a courier for very long, you may be confused when you hear the phrase, ‘backload’.

Backload is simply a way for couriers to make more money from their times on the road.

Let’s take an example of a courier called Sam. Sam is based in Chester and has a job in Birmingham today delivering an important package from a lawyers to its clients.

Sam can make more money, and more use of his time if after he delivers his package to Birmingham, he picks up another package that needs to be taken to Chester.

In this instance, this would be a ‘backload’.

Couriers taking backloads are often able to charge less for their deliveries as the petrol fees and times are spread over more than one job. One there, and one back.

Our friends at Proactive Despatch are looking for other courier firms to work with and provide each other with backloads for their journeys around the country. If you are interested in speaking to someone about this, call 0845 539 0022 or 01744 815046

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