Top 5 Good and Bad Driving Habits

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Driving a motor vehicle is not as easy as it may seem. A good driver is the one who is steady, cautious, and perseverant. He has complete control over his vehicle at all times on the road. A bad driving experience can ruin your day. It can cause heavy financial impacts in the form of speeding tickets or damage to the vehicle or in the worst case scenario, lead to fatal accidents. Manoeuvring a moving vehicle on busy roads can be a dangerous business and therefore, below we have listed the top 5 good driving habits as well as the bad ones to keep in mind before you take the road.

Good Driving Habits

  • Regulating Speed

Who does not want to reach their destinations a little sooner? However, speeding increases the risk of getting a speeding ticket or worse, into an accident. More than 70% of the accidents which occur on roads are the result of accelerating the vehicle beyond specified limits. Regardless of whether you live in a city or by the countryside, it is imperative to regulate the speed of your car so that at any given point in time, you remain in complete control of it.

  • Avoiding the usage of cell phones

Using a cell phone while driving reduces reaction time by 20% at least. It is not just about using cell phones. Trying to juggle driving with eating, applying make up or even conversing with fellow drivers and passengers can increase the chance of causing accidents. Rocker Jim Morrison has advised to keep one’s eyes on the road and his hand on the wheel. Avoiding gadgets altogether is one of the good driving habits one can inculcate.