Weird Driving Laws Around The World

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We all know that drunk driving is illegal but have you ever heard of law that makes driving while sipping on beer is legal!? Then, what about that law where you are legally bound to carry extra pair of specs while driving? Well, our world is a strange yet interesting place and there are some really insane weird driving laws out there. The post below lists down some of mind-boggling driving laws from various countries across the globe.

Costa Rica

If you are a connoisseur of high spirits and are smart enough to wheel with a beer handy in the car, Costa Rica is the place for you. Yes, the driving law there does not consider drinking while driving as illegal and you can anyday snake through the treacherous windy lanes there with beer on one hand and steering on another. But then make sure the blood-alcohol level is never over 0.75% or you are in jail.


If you need to sport specs while driving you must get an extra pair handy in your car while driving in Spain. The driving law in the country has made it illegal to drive without an extra pair of spectacles for the bespectacled drivers.


This is another weird driving law that is sure to blow your mind away. In Sweden, the drivers have to keep the headlights on whenever they are running their steam on road- and that includes driving in broad daylight.


France has its own ways to keep the drivers aware of the no drink-driving etiquette. The driving law in the country has made it mandatory for all the drivers over there to keep breathalyzer kit handy in the car or motorcycle whenever they are out on road. This way, the drivers would themselves be able to check whether they are at all legally fit to drive after a great evening at the bar. If you are caught not carrying the kit, a 11 Euro worth fine is waiting for you.


If Costa Rica’s driving law seems insane what would call the driving law of Cyprus? The country does not allow eating & drinking (including water) while driving! If caught sipping or chewing anything while behind the steering here, you would be penalized with a sizeable fine of 85 Euros.


The Russians seem to be really particular about cleanliness and that is maintained when it comes to their cars as well. The driving law in Russia has made it legally mandatory for the drivers to keep the cars all clean and sheen- lest you would be subjected to a hefty fine up to around 2,000 rubbles.


Japan seems to be extra cautious and extra stringent when it comes to its no drink driving law. The Nippon land has not made it illegal to drive being drunk but also to ride a car with a drunk driver as well. If caught traveling with a drunk driver, the passengers would be fined as well, even if they are sober. Besides, you will be fined something around $65 if you splash anybody on road with rainwater while driving.


The driving law in Arkansas has made it illegal for drivers to blow horn at night in areas that serve sandwiches or cold drinks after 9 p.m. Now how would you define it!?


California seems to have a whole set of weird driving laws. One of them does not allow the women drivers to drive in dressing gown. One of the possible reasons for it could be that you are considered sleepy or in so much of hurry that you forgot to change while getting out from home- which might lead to speedy driving risks. Another weird driving law here has made it illegal for unoccupied vehicles to exceed speed beyond 60mph. Again, if you are driving at Hermosa Beach, make sure not to spill Margaritas on streets or otherwise you have fines waiting for you.


Georgia has made it illegal for anybody to spit on the street from moving bus or car. But then again, it won’t be considered illegal if you are doing the same from moving truck.


More shocker here- Illinois has made it illegal to change clothes inside the car even when curtains are drawn. However, it won’t be unlawful to do the same in case there is some fire accident.


Talk about weird driving laws and Philippines surely deserves a special mention. The country has made it illegal for car drivers to drive bang on Mondays in case their cars have number plates ending with 2 or 1. Now how would you explain that!?


The Estonia drivers are legally bound to carry 2 wheel chocks whenever they are driving. These wooden blocks are placed under the car’s wheels.


Denmark’s driving law has made it mandatory for all drivers to check out under the vehicle prior to starting the car. This is to rule out any possibility that nobody is hiding underneath.


In Luxembourg, the cars on road are legally required to carry windshield wipers- even when there is no windshield on the car!


Serbia has made it legally mandatory for wheels on road to carry a 3 m tow rope and tow bar.


In Singapore, it is illegal for any car on road to come within say 50 m of any pedestrian. It seems that the country is extremely serious about the safety of the passers-by.


The driving law in Turkey is very strict about safety of the driver and passengers inside a car. Hence, it is legally required for cars here to always carry first-aid kit, reflective triangle and fire extinguisher whenever on road. Any failure here would lead to police fine.


Isn’t it great to go on driving with your dear pet in your car? Well, that’s nice as long as it is not Gorilla and you are not driving in Massachusetts. If you are driving in the American State with gorilla on your back-seat, tickets are waiting for you.

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