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Dangerous Driving Conviction Insurance

If you have previous dangerous driving convictions and you’re looking for an insurance policy, there’s every chance that you’re sick and tired of being turned away, jumping through hoops, providers simply not understanding what you need or being quoted well over the odds for your premium. If that’s you, then join our club! As a specialist provider of insurance policies for drivers with dangerous driving convictions, we’ve seen and heard all the horror stories from those struggling to get covered and we’re with you: we think it’s all a bit unfair.

At Insurance Revolution, we cut the complications out and we assess your case on an individual basis. We take into account your historic dangerous driving convictions, the level of cover you need and we offer specialist policies that are competitively priced and meet your specific needs.

What type of dangerous driving convictions do our policies cover?

Insurance Revolution can provide dangerous driving car insurance policies for those with past convictions under the following related offences:

  • DD10 Insurance – policies for drivers who have had previous convictions relating to causing serious injury through dangerous driving.
  • DD40 insurance – motor insurance policies for drivers with DD40 convictions for dangerous driving
  • DD60 insurance – car insurance policies for drivers with previous convictions for culpable homicide or manslaughter caused through dangerous or reckless driving
  • DD80 insurance – policies for drivers convicted of a DD80 offence (causing death through dangerous driving)
  • DD90 insurance – policies for drivers convicted of furious driving


Why choose Insurance Revolution for dangerous driving conviction insurance?

Our expert team have a wealth of experience in securing quality motor insurance policies for those who may have had difficulty with other insurance providers. Unlike other companies, our processes are straightforward and our premiums will always remain competitive.

We don’t claim to be able to make securing your car insurance fun and you can probably think of a million and one things you’d rather be doing instead. But what we can do is make the whole thing quicker and simpler so you can get your cover and get back to the things you want to do without a whole load of hassle.

So give us a call. Tell us all about your previous convictions and the cover that you need and we’ll do our utmost to help you get back on the road without paying over the odds for the pleasure.

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